FinanceGrupo Loalco Launches The First Sustainable Urban Logistics Distribution Hub In Spain

Grupo Loalco Launches The First Sustainable Urban Logistics Distribution Hub In Spain

The company has 800-square-meter facilities near the center of the Aragonese capital in which it has invested around 140,000 euros to manage logistics from an urban center and with a 100% electric and energy self-sufficient fleet.

This sustainable urban logistics distribution hub in Zaragoza -the first of its kind in Spain-, is located five minutes by scooter from the historic center of this Aragonese capital. “We seek to transfer the activity that we took from the Ciudad del Transporte with heavy vehicle to take it to this hub and from here use smaller vans, motorcycles and scooters for last-mile distribution”, explains Alberto Blanco, Grupo Loalco’s Director of Operations, that has created the Loalco Green brand for these services, to elEconomista

With this hub, it is thus possible to “remove large vehicles from the city and help sustainable urban mobility. The logistics centers are located outside the city and in them we can take the merchandise, but not transport it on motorcycles or scooters”. which can now be done from these new facilities.

In addition, the hub will also reduce traffic in the city of Zaragoza and contribute less CO2 emissions by using sustainable mobility vehicles. At the moment, the fleet consists of four electric vehicles, although they have ten orders, and Mercedes and Volvo have begun to contact to go, in parallel, with large tonnage vehicles and also electric vans.

This hub has an area of ​​800 square meters and has involved an investment of 140,000 euros, an amount that has been allocated mainly to the adaptation of the facilities and the chargers and supply points.

Precisely, having these points has been the most complicated part of this project, which today has become a reality with its inauguration, since in order to respond to the loading needs of the vehicles it has been necessary to provide this facility with a similar capacity within two blocks of a neighborhood in the city. A process for which Endesa has collaborated.

The hub has a charging facility of 88 kilowatts / hour in order to respond to the needs of the fleet, which is 100% electric and self-sufficient in order to promote sustainable urban mobility. Currently, the company has ten chargers for vehicles and eight for motorcycles and scooters, in addition to the eight for the City of Transport. The goal is to have a total of 120 electric vehicle charging points in the fourth quarter of 2022.

In addition, the company has developed a high-turnover logistics management platform, with total control of the energy cycle for the electricity supply, given that the installation is 100% sustainable and self-sufficient thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof, among others. factors.

The forecast of Loalco Green, which contemplates having ten employees in the first quarter of 2022, is also to extend this hub model, which has acted as a pilot, to other parts of Zaragoza capital. At the moment, they have already begun to project the next facility, which will be larger than this first hub, since there will be 60 vehicles. It is also planned to launch another hub in another area of ​​Zaragoza and extrapolate this model to other parts of Spain, predictably starting with Madrid and Valencia, among other possible areas that are under study.

The company -specialized in courier, food and supermarket distribution-, has already begun to carry out distribution operations for (Zaragoza local commerce online market) or (fulfillment center specialized in e-commerce).

Companies and entities such as Endesa, Ingeteam, Fuso, Fiat, Toyota, DGA, DGT, Mobility City and Zaragoza City Council have collaborated in this Loalco Green Hub project. Precisely, the mayor of Zaragoza, Jorge Azcón, attended the inauguration of the hub, as well as Lorenzo Domingo, head of the Secretariat and Internal Organization Service in the General Directorate of Traffic.

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