NewsA Pioneering Project In Spain Measures The Concentration Of CO2

A Pioneering Project In Spain Measures The Concentration Of CO2

The commercial area of ​​the center of Zaragoza, specifically 40 commercial establishments, participate in a pilot and pioneering program in Spain, to diagnose the air quality of these spaces by measuring the concentration of CO2 -carbon dioxide-.

The project is promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Employment of the City Council of Zaragoza and the Federation of Businessmen of Commerce and Services of Zaragoza and Province (ECOS).

To carry out the project, ECOS has the Aragón Health Research Institute (IIS Aragón) whose participation will focus on the previous analysis of the establishments, training on the mechanisms of contagion by aerosols, continuous monitoring of CO2 levels, as well as subsequent evaluation of the different measures implemented to improve the air renewal of the premises.

For the development of the pilot, 85 CO2 concentration meters are being installed in the 40 ECOS commercial establishments located in the central area of ​​Zaragoza. These devices will be permanently operational and will transmit telematically

their readings, using IoT technology, and every few minutes, to the project’s research team for analysis, interpretation and assessment.

The IIS Aragón will continuously monitor the selected establishments to know ‘in situ’ the results produced by the meters at all times. The devices have non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR) and with variable distribution depending on the size of each establishment.

In fact, prior to the start of the project, the research staff of the Institute has visited all the businesses to evaluate questions related to the space in which the intervention was going to be carried out and to determine how the provisional devices would be installed.

Once the data collection process is finished, at the beginning of January, ECOS will have all the information so that its associates can adapt and improve the air quality of their establishments, always in accordance with the criteria of the research project. In this way, the improvement of air quality will redound to the workforce and customers in the sector.

In addition, ECOS will recognize with a badge of participation those locals who have been included in this pilot project and who take measures to improve air renewal.

To develop the project, from the ISS Aragón it has been necessary to train entrepreneurs and employees of the sector to understand what the mechanisms of contagion by aerosols are like and why these mechanisms lead to establish different prevention measures that have been adopted.

In the field of commerce, it has also been necessary to explain how the optimal ventilation procedures should be, what type of erroneous actions are usually produced and how to correct them.

In this way, training has been given on “Theoretical-practical bases for measuring CO2 as an indicator of renewed air”, reported the Zaragoza City Council in a press release.

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