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Gully Kitchen & Bar Takes a Modern Culinary Twist on Global Street Flavours and Cocktails in Singapore

  • Through the cultural adventures of three childhood best friends, Gully Kitchen & Bar was created to embody the trios favourite street food from around the world
  • Taking customers on a palatable journey, they collaborated with the executive chef of Blu Kouzina to curate a menu of the comforting tastes of street-inspired food using the freshest ingredients

Gully Kitchen & Bar pushes the boundaries of innovation with its fresh perspectives on global street flavours. Created through a love of food by three childhood best friends who shared the same passion for travel and food exploration, the founders Gigi Tsakiris, Angelina Kumala and Carolina Kumala conceptualised Gully Kitchen & Bar as they realized there was a lack of diverse upscale street food on our shores.

The restaurant prides itself in providing an unforgettable experience that bids a warm welcome to everyone. Here, the focus is geared towards the ambiance and all pretences are left at the door. Gully means “street” in Hindi, where the foundations of food, life and culture is at its most authentic form. Gully Kitchen & Bar welcomes all types of people from all walks of life, offering a culturally unique experience that leave first-timers and regulars coming back for more. 

With a menu that represents the trio’s favourite street-food dishes reinvented with fine ingredients and a modern twist, Gully collaborated with Blu Kouzina to re-imagine refined comfort food from around the globe, at the charming corner of Hong Kong St. Located near Singapore’s Central Business District, the restaurant is designed to be an oasis in the heart of a bustling city, providing diners with a unique vibe that is unlike any other dining concept. Warm and unpretentious, the quirky décor pays homage to famous cultural influences from all around the world, set against the backdrop of a natural leafy foliage and relaxing dark blue tones to set diners at ease.

The menu selection is designed to re-create a global experience at your table, with an innovative twist. Borne out of many hours of painstaking invention and experience, flavours are masterfully melded, drawing inspiration from diverse influences across the likes of the Mediterranean, Asia, Middle East, and many more. Robust tastes and bold flavours pay homage to regions from around the world, with Gully’s street-inspired cosmopolitan offerings a representation of cultural smorgasbord.

The team is especially adept at honing every nuance and developing every aspect of a flavour via extensive research and skilful cooking methods. Dedication to craftsmanship cuts across the menu in equal measures, utilizing only quality spices to produce homemade sauces designed to leave pleasant memories.  

Spicy Margarita
French Kiss

The cocktail menu promises liquid nirvana as the perfect complement to the dining experience. With a selection of curated cocktails to wind down after a stressful day, choose from a concoction of Spritz offerings such as the refreshing Gin & Cucumber Spritz ($19.80) with that added zest of sparkling wine. Signature poisons such as the Spicy Margarita ($21.80) and French Kiss, along with a diverse array of drinking games such as the Shot Roulette and Deal with the Devil makes for the ultimate night out in town.  A heady mix of limoncello, frangelico, lemon juice, egg white & simple syrup, the French Kiss ($21.80) is blissful romance in a glass.  

Having studied music in the Berklee College of Music, Gigi Tsakiris, Co-Founder of Gully, created Gully’s curated music playlists. Gully utilises music’s main power; to create mood and evoke emotion. As such, each music playlist is curated to set a specific mood for each hour.  As the night progresses so does the beat and genre of the music. The music is chosen to help get customers enter into a positive mindset, and to let loose. “I noticed that many restaurant establishments mainly utilise music to fill in space, not playing close enough attention to what music is played or how customers interact. You will be surprised to see how much of a difference it makes to customers dining experience when the music sets the mood and compliments the vibe of the restaurant. It truly is transformative.” Gigi says.

Perfect Complements to a Hearty Meal

Gully boasts a range of sides to serve as perfect complements to a hearty meal. Attention is paid to the most minute of details in the Homemade Labneh Roasted Tomato Balls ($16.80) made with authentic Greek yogurt and soaked in extra virgin olive oil. The Greek Salad ($14.20 for half/$26.50 for full) consists of a simple but intense combination of diced tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, kalamata olives & feta cheese for an unforgettable, refreshing cacophony of flavours.

The succulent and fork-tender South African BBQ Ribs ($42.80/550g or $56.80/750g) is a natural highlight. Baked to the perfect crisp with a side of fries, coleslaw & topped with homemade BBQ sauce, it is an assiduous labour of love. Indonesian influences are re-imagined in the Cajun spiced marinated tiger prawns ($18.80) complimented with sambal.The Pasta Pulled Beef ($27.80) is a picture of hedonistic gastronomy that will keep diners coming back for more. Slow cooked to a tender perfection, it is topped with Italian Burrata and nestled on a favourite pasta of choice.

With a menu that caters to diverse preferences, the Middle Eastern Rice Bowl (falafel $18.80/chicken $21.80/beef $22.80), is a wholesome yet healthy option. Spiced chicken thigh, white basmati rice, lettuce, fresh tomatoes & onions is topped with homemade sambal and tzatziki sauce. Served with side options of falafel, chicken or beef, its generous portion ensures the sharing of unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Other noteworthy items in the menu include the Greek Gyro ($25.80) – pita wrap filled with grilled spiced chicken, fresh tomatoes, onion, homemade tzatziki, pink mayo, and paprika. For a revisit of Asian elements, the Taiwanese Chicken Buns ($16.80) is inspired by Taipei’s street market. Spiced fried chicken is served in mantou buns, topped with arugula, pickled shallots and homemade lime alio olio sauce.

With exceptional service, amazing music and food which speaks for itself, each dining experience at Gully will always feel different. Be it formal business gatherings, an intimate night out, private family gatherings or boisterous celebrations, Gully’s focus is on culturally diverse food shared with family and friends in a place that’s warm, welcoming, and unique in both its spirit and soul.

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