EconomicsA map to boost the Andalusian bioeconomy

A map to boost the Andalusian bioeconomy

The development of the bioeconomy is a necessity and an opportunity, both for society as a whole and for companies. To achieve a society less dependent on resources of fossil origin, whose consumption is accelerating a process of climate change, we need to advance in the development and consolidation of a bio-based industry.

The objective is to transform renewable biological raw materials into biological chemicals, materials, products and energy, replacing their fossil versions. The ATRESBIO project, led by CTA and financed by the Andalusian Ministry of Economic Transformation with ERDF funds, has launched an online map of the Andalusian bioeconomy to identify the available actors in order to promote its development.

Collaboration between the actors that are part of the bioeconomy is essential to generate new strategic alliances and synergies so that the entire value chain takes advantage of the available potential. For this reason, the interactive map of ATRESBIO ( will facilitate this collaboration, since it will collect information from Andalusian companies and research groups that provide advanced and specialized innovation services in the bioeconomy.

At this time, there is a commitment at the European, national and regional level to the Bioeconomy as a crucial engine of innovation and sustainable economic development and of post-COVID socio-economic recovery. Andalusia has the resources and capacities necessary for the development of the bioeconomy due to three relevant factors: abundant biomass production, the presence of a developed industrial sector and an extensive knowledge network. You need to take advantage of this potential.

This industry plays an essential role in reducing European dependence on imports of strategic raw materials, stimulating sustainable growth and boosting Europe’s competitiveness by contributing to the revitalization of rural and coastal areas. The ATRESBIO project seeks to contribute to positioning Andalusia as a region of international reference in the development of the bioeconomy, both at the level of R & D & i activities, as well as technology transfer, entrepreneurship and the construction and consolidation of value chains for the obtaining bioproducts derived from by-products of the olive grove, horticulture and algal biomass (subsectors identified as priorities by the Andalusian Bioeconomy Strategy).

From CTA, we encourage all companies, researchers and other entities related to the bioeconomy to join this map by contacting us and use it to find partners and structure new value chains in this area. It is a relevant opportunity to position Andalusia in a growing industry with the potential to generate wealth and employment.

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