CryptoHow to Get Crypto Keys Fast

How to Get Crypto Keys Fast

Crypto keys, also known as Crypto keys, are the latest in-game currency that can be used in purchasing Common or Rare Drops of Supply through the Black Market. It is necessary to gather 10 Cryptokeys to purchase Common supply drops and then 30 for rare. Supply Drops are cosmetic items only, and also include attachment variations such as taunts and gestures! The players can track their progress with their Cryptokeys in their After Action Reports in-matches and by using the progress bar in the Black Market.

The Cryptokeys earned are obtained by filling the Cryptokey bar to the top and you will see it at the end of a game. You will start to earn them around the same amount as you advance in level. You’ll earn more points on your Cryptokey bar based on the level of success you achieve. If, for instance, you get into the top 3 and then win the game, you usually get one key. If you lose, you may be able to fill up the bar around halfway.

How do you earn crypto keys quickly?

CryptoKeys are the latest game’s currency, which is used in the newly released Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to purchase Common and Rare Supply Drops in The game’s Black Market in multiplayer. To unlock one Common Crate the player must have 10 CryptoKeys. To unlock a Rare Supply crate, the player must have 30 CryptoKeys.

Each crate of supply contains cosmetic items that could include weapons-related attachments and taunts as well as gestures and possibly even super rare items, but it’s based on luck at the moment. You can track your progress towards the next unlockable key within the After Action Reports following multiplayer games, or by using the progress bar in Black Market. Black Market itself.

It’s not clear at this point what the best method to earn Cryptokeys is However, you can find below some proven methods that will give you the fastest method of earning Crypto keys. Currently:

It’s crucial to mention that there is no connection between the amount of XP you earn through this game and Crypto keys!

You’ll get Crypto Key even if you were unsuccessful in the game.

You can earn Cryptokeys by playing multiplayer games. You will earn 1+ CryptoKey per game, however, only when you play the game from the beginning to the very end.

If you quit or start a game halfway through, you’ll receive fewer Crypto Key points compared to the amount you’ll receive when you play the whole game.

It doesn’t matter how long the game lasts. It is best to select Team Deathmatch mode that lasts for between 6 and 8 minutes.

It is recommended to play smaller game options, but you should not play an entire match.

A few players have stated that the possibility of earning Crypto Keys could be something related to Dark Ops challenges, but this isn’t confirmed as of yet.

Perhaps there will be a way to pay using real money to purchase the Crypto keys, however, this feature will be added at some point, probably on Friday, when the game will open to everyone. Some players believe the Black Market is not activated as of yet, which is the primary reason it is impossible to make any micro-transaction.

Crypto Keys Issues

On the Black Market, Cryptokeys can be exchanged in exchange for Common supply Drops or Rare Supply Drops with diverse content, that includes, but are not restricted to Calling Cards Weapon camos Specialized themes and taunts, and a range of balanced weapons. Rare Supply Drops also ensure the possibility of a Rare item, with the potential to give Legendary or Epic things, and come with bonuses Cryptokeys.

One CryptoKey can be earned through completing an entire round in your favorite game mode. The less time the mode’s limit is, the more keys you may get within a certain amount of time. Call of Duty is out and it includes a variety of ways to unlock unique cosmetics and other objects.

Crypto keys permit you to purchase Supply Drops that include enhancements like new camo, and various options for the cards you use to call. They can be anything from Common up to Legendary up to Epic. It could take a time to unlock Cryptokeys as it takes 10 minutes to unlock a Common Supply Drop and the Rare Supply Drop is 30. The most effective way to unlock the Cryptokeys is to engage in the game as often as you can and then raise your Cryptokey lock bar.

There must be a major determination to win matches, and not simply perform well. It is possible to go to Free for All or get people you trust to join in team-based games as a result. Although some are suggesting that there’s a kind of multiplier in the game, it hasn’t been proven as of yet. Some believe that having consecutive wins allows players to gain more keys. It could be in line with how the wins build the meter.

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