CryptoHow to Buy Kin Crypto

How to Buy Kin Crypto

The Kin comprises a set of digital services launched via The Kik messenger. Messenger is among the most downloaded apps worldwide, just behind Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram.

Kin is a Kin cryptocurrency that can be used as currency within the digital world of consumer applications and services. The Kin cryptocurrency was first created in the form of an ERC20 token based on the blockchain. But, it was eventually moved onto the Stellar blockchain because of some of the shortcomings with the original.

The kin token is used for everyday transactions. You can use kin tokens to conduct daily activities such as microtransactions to Kin’s Kin ecosystem. Serves as a link between the various Kik services. Kin cryptocurrency is a part of the extensive Kik ecosystem. Kin is integrated into numerous applications that let users earn KIN and reward one another.

How to Buy Kin (KIN)?

The purchase of Kin is a breeze nowadays. If you’d like to buy it, you can do so with money, cards, or even PayPal! But you’ll have to follow some steps to get it done. The guide is divided into segments – you need to follow.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to purchase Kin.

1. Create an Account on Coinbase

  • To purchase Ethereum at Coinbase to trade for Kin (KIN) in the future – you need to sign up for an account with Coinbase.

Verify The Coinbase Account

Because Coinbase must verify your account, you will need to provide them with your telephone number, upload a picture of your ID with a photo, and confirm your credit or debit cards (credit or debit) or your bank account. Then you can purchase cryptocurrency.

2. Create an Account on Etherdelta

  • Access Etherdelta and sign up for account.
  • Ethereum / Kin (which says KIN under Etherdelta’s logo) Etherdelta logo) you should select Exchanges as soon as the page is opened. If not, click the name of the currency instead of KIN. This will open the dropdown menu. Look for Kin Click it.
  • Select ” Select Account ” in the upper menu,” then click ‘New Account.’
  • You should now be able to see the Ethereum wallet address and the private key.
  • Write both down. Be sure to ensure they are safe and not lose them.
  • After you’ve written down the details.

3. Transfer Ethereum from Coinbase to Etherdelta

  • Go back to your Coinbase website.
  • Select ‘Accounts from the menu bar at the top and locate your Ethereum wallet. It should be displayed at the bottom.
  • Click ‘Send.’
  • Copy the Ethereum wallet address you transferred directly from Etherdelta into the “Recipient” box.
  • Enter the amount of Ethereum you’d like to transfer into the ‘Amount box (use the option to use the maximum if you wish to transfer everything).
  • Click ‘Continue’.
  • Coinbase might then call you to confirm your order using your password or phone. Follow the steps till Coinbase verifies that Ethereum currency has been delivered.

4. Check Balance On Etherdelta

  • Ethereum will arrive in your account within a couple of minutes, so be patient.

5. Exchange Ethereum For Kin (KIN)

  • Etherdelta is a company that deals in ‘gas,’ an amount to pay for the computer resources that miners use to complete the transaction. It is necessary to alter the gas price on Etherdelta so that your transaction can accelerate!.
  • To do that, press the button to the farthest right side of the men at the top, after which select “gas price” from the dropdown menu.
  • A pop-up window will appear, and you must enter at least 30 characters and then click on ‘Set gas price.’
  • Ethereum that is in your account will be listed under the heading ‘BALANCE.’ It will need to move to become accessible for trading. Input the amount of Ethereum you would like to exchange for KIN in the “Amount” box beneath the ETH.
  • Select ‘Deposit’ when you’re happy with the sum.
  • A pop-up window will inform you that your coins are in motion.
  • You’ll be ready to make trades once Ethereum has been added to the column called ‘Etherdelta’ in your account.
  • Check out the Order Book column. It shows the latest purchase and sells orders for KIN. The red charges represent people looking to sell their KIN, while the green ones are for people looking to buy KIN.

o   Buy option #1

  • The easiest method to purchase Kin is to click a buy order (red) and then press ‘Buy’ within the pop-up.
  • If you do not need to purchase the absolute number, it’s possible to modify the amount you’re purchasing by checking the ‘Amount To Buy (KIN) box.
  • A pop-up window will appear with the transaction’s URL on the blockchain if you are successful in your operation.

o   Buy option #2

  • This is the more sophisticated option, but that’s not good for new users of Etherdelta.
  • To purchase Kin, it is necessary to select the ‘New Order to buy KIN’s button. Enter the amount of Kin you’d like to purchase in the KIN box.
  • Set the buy ratio in the box ‘KIN/ETH. Be careful! Etherdelta users are notorious for getting confused by ratios and setting terrible exchange rates.
  • The order with the highest purchase value can give a good idea of the average trade rate.
  • The following ETH will be filled automatically with the Ethereum cost of the transaction. Click ‘Buy if you believe the price is acceptable. The purchase will be placed on the exchange. It may be fulfilled by a seller or be canceled at some point, and in that case, the Ethereum will be returned to your account. Your KIN would appear in your Etherdelta wallet if you selected your first choice.
  • If you chose the second option, the KIN would be issued after/if someone has fulfilled your purchase!

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