CryptoWhat Does 10x Mean in Crypto

What Does 10x Mean in Crypto

What Does 10x Mean in Crypto:10X is simply multiplying 10x the initial investment? Multiplying “Crypto” by ten is similar to declaring”10X ” Crypto.” Be aware that 10X is not the equivalent to a 10% gain; actually, 10x is much higher than 10%.

The formula for calculating the 10X profit percentage is to divide the return on investment from the investment amount, multiply the result by 100, and subtract 100 to get the percentage profit.

10X percentage formula: Here’s the formula for calculating the 10x percent rate. The return of investment is the investment amount. For example, Peter purchased $1 million worth of BITCOIN, and his return on investment was 10 million. The formula will be:

10,000,000/1000000=10 also 10 x 100 = 1,00-100 = 900%

10-million divided into 1 million, which equals 10. Then multiply ten by 100, which equals 1,000 times 100, which will give you the correct percentage of 900 percent. That means, if you want to make 10x your money using cryptocurrency, you’ll need an altcoin with the potential to give you an impressive 900% rise in price.

market Cap

Cap refers to Market Cap, which stands for Market capitalization, resulting from the total circulated supply of coins multiplied by the current value at which the Coin is trading.

  • High Cap: The tokens or coins have an estimated market capitalization of more than $10 billion US.
  • Mid-Cap: Are they cryptocurrency cryptocurrencies with market caps between $1 Billion and $10 billion US dollars.
  • SMALL CAP:Tokens are those whose markets cap is less than one billion dollars; however, they are worth more than 100 million dollars. Tokens whose market cap exceeds a hundred million but under one billion dollars are deemed small-cap.
  • MACRO CAP:The majority of them are new tokens with a market cap of less than $10 million. In the above explanation, it is essential to know that July is a Macro cap coin.

How To 10X Your Money With Crypto:

Imagine a 10-fold increase in your investment over a time of Holding. It’s amazing. The real challenge here is finding the hidden Crypto Gems that hold the potential to earn you a good 900% return on your investment.

When trying to achieve 10x profits in Crypto, you could lose money because of Rug pulls, fake tokens, and exit scams. Put aside what you can lose. For sure, there is money made in the crypto world, and the money goes missing (Wins and losses).

1.      Crypto Gems:

They are solid basic tokens or coins that can increase your investment potential in the course of Holding and are usually obscured. I say hidden because they’re not accessible on top-tier exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase and others. It’s crucial to be aware of what SMALL, MID HIGH, HIGH, and even MACRO the letters CAP refer to in CRYPTO so that you can better understand how to recognize coins that could 10x your cash.

2.      $ASS

I would reveal hidden Crypto Gem called Australia The Safe Shepherd ($ASS). Ass refers to the story of an Australian shepherd dog, but the symbol makes it sound like a naughty dog. It’s not a secret. However, I generally do not openly reveal the names of any coins in portfolio unless you’re closely associated with me. $ASS is a Meme coin, which was developed using the Source code of $Safemoon. It shares the same basic principles used in the popular $Dogecoin. Do you know that the man who created $Doge also bought an ASS coin? LOL, He purchased Ass as a joke name to be a token, right?

Discovering Hidden Crypto Gems:

To find out more about this discovery, I use Coingecko, a website listing a cryptocurrency that ranks each token by market capitalization. To increase the chances of improving investment by 10x.To see these Shitcoins, when you visit, click on the “Recently Added” button, and you’ll be able to see the list of tokens that were recently added and also have the minor market cap. Now it’s an opportunity to Dyor.

Dyor signifies “Do your research” Dyor is a popular word in the cryptocurrency world because it encourages investors to find out more about the things they’re interested in before investing money to lower risk and to allow you to not blame anyone for the unfortunate event that you have to lose funds.

How To Dyor

Please make sure you invest in the things you believe in. are aware of the steps, the timing it is appropriate to support, and why. A crypto-related project will motivate you to HODL regardless of whether your funds are in danger. If you sign up with Coingecko and find the token you’re looking at, then you can discover their contract address that you need to duplicate to be able to locate it on Pancakeswap.

Find out what percent of tokens in the 10 top wallets hold on their networks. Here is Dyor checklist. Before purchasing any new token in the market, you can reduce the risk of losing 10x on gains because we all would like to have that Lambo cash.


What was the purpose behind the creation of the Token/Coin? Similar to Bitcoin, for instance, it is the first cryptocurrency. Its goal is to empower people through an individual-to-person system of payment that does not require government approval or banks to be authorized.

To find out to which the new token was developed and how it will serve its purpose. You can read all the details on their Twitter, website, and Telegram.


The developers are the core of cryptocurrency projects since they are the individual or groups of individuals who create the code that manages and perform actions of Coin. Satoshi designed Bitcoin to ensure less than 21 million BTC could be mined.


What sets this project apart from other projects, such as its uses, Token burns, and reward system? What is unique about it and its Roadmap.” The purpose is basically what the token does and why it can give it worth. Token burns occur when tokens are taken out of all the supplies. The Roadmap is the set of plans that the project follows in development.


The following is a complete list of all wallets that hold a specific token. They can be located on their explorer, for instance, BSCSCAN or ETHERSCAN, if you search for the token by using the address on the contract and click on the name to open the Token tracker. You will be able to view the holders by clicking on holders.


Suppose you’re a fan of Crypto and want to increase the value of your money with Crypto Knowing that low cap virtual coins can either double or fail. In that case, it’s best not to invest more money than you can afford to lose and avoid putting everything in the same basket by dispersing your capital. You don’t know which will yield you wealth or REKT.

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