CryptoWhere to Buy WifeGoge Crypto

Where to Buy WifeGoge Crypto

WifeDoge is the community Binance Smart Chain (BSC) meme coin built on the popular Dogecoin. It has a humorous description of its characteristics that promote WifeDoge as a “good wife who can help make doge money.”

All the users need only to hold WifeDoge, and they’ll be the reward, while abandoning her will result in an enactment of punishment. Also, the token is built on a deflationary system that includes taxes on sales and purchases that the token makes. WifeDoge also guarantees secure auto-farming, secured liquidity as well as a charity wallet. Five percent of the supply is dedicated to Elon Musk.

How does Wifedoge work?

In her role as a “good wife” of Doge, WIFEDOGE operates in rewarding those who have this token with the promise of “making them money” and can burn those who “abandon her.”

This storyline insinuates and motivates users to own the token. With the majority of the population aiming to create a WIFEDODGE equal to 1 DOGE in value, the users want to lower its overall volatility.

According to the top earner of the year in the eyes of both CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap and CoinMarketCap, the Dogecoin spinoffs have been well-received with the community. But, at the same time, some critics aren’t so sure. But, those who love Dogecoin will be pleased to know that they could take advantage of their own “son” of Wifedoge and doge, Babydoge.

What Makes WifeDoge Unique?

  1. The main feature that distinguishes WifeDoge is its deflation function which many meme coins have also implemented. To discourage sales, WifeDoge taxes each transaction at 12percent. Of that, 2% burned and 5% was distributed to holders of tokens, and 5 percent was added to the liquidity.
  2. This mechanism, along with an extensive presence on the social networks, WifeDoge hopes to achieve its goal of enhancing Dogecoin’s performance by “improving transaction speeds and adding more deflationary attributes that reward users.”
  3. WifeDoge will also be increasing its marketing efforts further and hopes to get an audience of 200,000 Telegram fans and 210,000 subscribers on its road map. Additionally, it is expected to include charitable donations; however, it’s unclear what these will look like.
  4. WifeDoge was mentioned in several international publications in various countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam and in the United States, and more. Perhaps the most unique “feature” of WifeDoge is the pledge to give 5percent of its stock towards Elon Musk “at the right time.” If it doesn’t happen, the tokens are designed to be locked for the rest of their lives.

Where Can You Buy WifeDoge (WIFEDOGE)?

If you have to say so, the wife of a dogecoin is wonderful. The rapid growth and overall acceptance rate have made it an extremely sought-after coin. You begin making money the moment you have the coin while you are constantly cashing out. It is a scarce coin that people are just beginning to be aware of. You’d think it would be difficult to get your hands on the best place to purchase the coin.

How to Buy Wifedoge coin

Before purchasing Wifedoge, you must know that it’s a BEP-20 token. So, to purchase Wifedoge, you have to follow the steps below.

1. Find the wallet you want, like Trust wallets, Metamask wallets, and so on.

2. Utilizing your browser’s search to find PancakeSwap, ensure that you’re on the V2 and that the switch button is set to swap, not liquidity, since you’re trying to buy Wifedoge instead of providing liquidity the exchange.

3. Connect your bank account to the exchange by pressing the button to connect your wallet to the Pancakeswap exchange.

4. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to exchange to Wifedoge in the drop-down arrow, then choose WIFEDOGE as the currency you want to swap with.You could do this using either the Import button or the manage button.

5. Select and activate the PancakeSwap extended option, copy and paste the smart contract into the provided space, and add wifedoge as the token you wish to swap to.Smart contract Address 0x07b36f2549291d320132712a1e64d3826b1fb4d7

6. Input the amount of currency you wish to exchange to Wifedoge. You will see the price of the swap and the amount to be transferred to the liquidity companies. Then, click confirm to complete the swap. You now have the wifedoge inside your bank account when your order is completed

Be aware that if you want to exchange any other currency with Wifedoge, other than BNB, the swap will require BNB before swapping it to Wifedoge. This process usually with a higher cost for swapping.

o   Wife dogecoin price

  • The current price of Wife dogecoin is at $0.00000000007 Based on the Coinmarketcap chart, which shows an ongoing increase in value. Over the past 24 hours since the date of this article, the price has increased by 345.1 percent, while it has been ranked at 2867.
  • The great thing about this coin is that it begins earning your money when you purchase it, which is the most valuable coin you can purchase. You will always earn the reward by adhering to the coin.
  • There are more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies on the market at present. It’s not easy to know what will be the fate of any of them. Many cryptocurrencies have failed, but a few have come to the top of the list. Dogecoin is one of the top cryptocurrency. With a long-term vision, it is possible to buy cryptocurrency.

Is Wifedoge a good investment?

Certainly, these are biases and speculation community members are betting the token will earn a yield of investing 1,000 times. However, noting the fact that Elon Musk has already a fan and the token is subject to the efforts of the community to push the value of the token that they believe in.

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