CryptoHow to Buy Rocket Bunny Crypto

How to Buy Rocket Bunny Crypto

 Rocket Bunny (BUNNY) put together the most sought-after tokenomics across the Defi: price security against shocks, liquidity reward, inflationary supplies, compounding yield and also automatic liquidity increases. Rocket Bunny, also known as BUNNY, is the next generation of cryptocurrency.

With 777 quadrillions of supply transactions, each will incur a tax rate of 4. The tax is divided into equal parts, including 1percent bonus, 1% of locked liquidity and 1% of the money burnt to the Rabbit’s Hole, and 1 per cent to the holders. The amount of burned increases exponentially, eventually leading to an exponential decrease in supply. Every transaction is rewarded to holders automatically and helps increase the token’s value through locking liquidity.

If you are interested in purchasing Rocket Bunny, you will require at least one Bitcoin, which is abbreviated to (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), to trade for purposes. I’ve reviewed the main bitcoin trading platform Binance in this article to help you find the most reliable sites to purchase cryptocurrency with cash or credit card. Read the article and learn advice on the most reliable cryptocurrency trading.

How to Buy Rocket Bunny Crypto?

To purchase Rocket Bunny using USD (US Dollar), you’ll need to utilize a cryptocurrency exchange or financial services that allow the purchase of funds through credit or bank accounts.

Step One: Create the Coinbase account:

o   Create a Coinbase account:

  • The first thing you’ll need is to visit their website.

o   Enter Personal info:

  • When you arrive on their website, you’ll have to fill in your email address into the box to start. Be sure to enter an email address that you can access, and one you think is the most secure since you’ll be using it to log in and manage your cryptocurrency.
  • You will then get a pop-up asking to provide additional information regarding your accounts, such as your name, initials, and email address. You should also confirm your email address (really frustrating as it may appear blank) and set up an account password and the state you live in. It is also necessary to register for an account at least 18 years old.

o   Verify email address:

  • In addition to the other sign-up process, The next step will involve Coinbase will send you an email to confirm the email you have entered. When you get the email, and you’ll be able to access the account you have created with your Coinbase account. Verify your email address, and you’re done.
  • Coinbase will require your complete legal address, name as well as your date of birth and other personal details.

o   Photo Verification:

  • Once you’ve completed this portion, the next step will be a photo-based confirmation. Because we’re talking about the best way to buy [coin] [symbol] in the US Dollar, If that’s the case, you could add documents like your Driver’s License, State ID card or passport to confirm your identity.
  • It could take a while to verify and process you as a person, but after you’ve completed the process, you’re ready to pay the account. Coinbase account.

Step 2: Make sure you add an option for method of payment to your Coinbase account.

If you already have a Coinbase account with the funding method you have set up, you can skip the third step.

If you want to add a payment method to your account, select the “Add payment method” box by clicking on the profile picture. Then settings and payment methods.

o   Using Bank Account:

For a bank account to be used, you’ll need to choose your bank account, provide Coinbase specific details regarding the account, and wait for your bank account to verify. Sometimes this verification will be automatic depending on the relationship Coinbase maintains with your bank institution.

Still, it could take a couple of days, as Coinbase makes a couple of small deposits to your account, which you’ll have to confirm.You’ll have greater purchasing (buying) capacity than credit cards if you fund your bank account.

Step 3: You’ll have to buy a different cryptocurrency first (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum) before you can purchase Rocket Bunny (BUNNY)

There is one issue in purchasing BUNNY with dollars … Coinbase currently doesn’t support the purchase from Rocket Bunny. However, don’t be concerned. Will not waste this effort.

You must buy another cryptocurrency and then move it into an exchange that currently accepts trading BUNNY.

o   Buying Bitcoin on Coinbase:

The best bet is to buy Bitcoin by using USD on Coinbase because it’s the most well-known trading currency.If you’d like to verify.

Once you’ve set up your account at a different crypto exchange and have your particular wallet ID for your currency, go back back to the Coinbase account. Again, you’ll be required to buy an exchange’s accepted currencies, which Coinbase also accepts.

In the entire transaction process, Coinbase made the purchase of cryptocurrency easy.

All you have to do is select the “Prices” or “Prices” option in the top menu bar to be able to see an overview of all the cryptocurrencies supported by Coinbase.

You can either scroll down to BUNNY or enter it in the “Search all assets” box.Now click on the “Trade” button next to the coin.

Complete the form with the amount of US dollars you’d like put into and then click the “Buy” button and … CONGRATS! … You’ve bought your first cryptocurrency with dollars on Coinbase.

Now, you must transfer the currency you bought to the wallet of your new exchange.

Step Four: Make your first purchase of Rocket Bunny (BUNNY)

Once your cryptocurrency transfer from Coinbase to your exchange wallet is completed, you’ll be able to begin trade with the cryptocurrency. You’ve chosen Rocket Bunny.

After you’ve finished your transaction, CONGRATULATIONS! It’s time to celebrate!

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