CryptoHow to Buy CUMMIES Crypto

How to Buy CUMMIES Crypto

CumRocket intends to revolutionize the industry of adult-oriented content with blockchain technology. It will provide a fair and secure environment for communication and entertainment. It provides platform where users can communicate with each other, text, or sext with each other. It also has their content and join the creators in exchange for CUMMIES tokens.

It is among the most significant projects that utilize blockchain technology to secure and securely manage these kinds of applications, many of which are already in use in the adult entertainment sector, including private content subscriptions or paid messaging.

This project and its actual applications aim to differentiate itself from other lesser-valued currencies commonly known as shitcoins. Although CumRocket is still using a portion of the same protocols that many of these shitcoins do, its initial popularity of buyers for the token could propel its project into the top stage.

How to Buy CUMMIES Crypto:

Step 1: Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange

First, you’ll need to purchase one of the leading cryptocurrencies, for example, USDT (USDT). Then, in this article, we’ll guide you through two frequently-used cryptocurrency exchanges that convert fiat into crypto, and Coin base. It is recommended to test both and then choose which one suits your needs best.

Coin base is also among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges that accept deposits made with fiat. Sign up at Coin base, and you’ll be rewarded with the amount of 10 dollars’ worth BTC after you have purchased the $100 price of crypto.

Step 2: Purchase USDT using fiat currency

After you’ve completed the KYC procedure, the next step is to select a payment method. There is a choice to use a credit or debit card or bank transfer. You’ll be charged more costs when using credit cards. However, you can also be able to purchase a flash. A bank transfer may be less expensive. It will take longer depending on the country in which you are home. Certain countries offer an instant cash deposit that has low charges.

You’re all set. Click the button ‘Trade’ at the top left. Choose USDT and then confirm your transaction…and congratulations! Congratulations on your first cryptocurrency purchase.

Step 3: Transfer USDT to Altcoin Exchange

You have not done yet. Because CUMMIES is an alternative cryptocurrency, you must transfer USDT into an exchange on which CUMMIES can be traded, which is why we’ll be using for trading platform. is one of the most popular exchanges for trading altcoins. It offers a wide range of tradable pairs. Create a new account.

o   Sign up for

  • is an American cryptocurrency exchange that was established in the business. Since American investors from the US can trade there. It is accessible in English and Chinese (the latter is highly beneficial, especially for Chinese investors).’s central selling point is the wide variety of trade pairs.
  • You can locate the majority of the newest altcoins listed here. is also showing the highest volume of transactions. The trading volume is around. USD 100 million per day.
  • According to the volume of trading, the top 10 trading pairs that trade on generally contain USDT (Tether) for an element of their team.’s vast number of trading pairs and its incredible liquidity are two very remarkable aspects of the exchange.
  • After completing the same process we’ve done previously with Coin base and Coin base, you’ll be required to set up 2FA authentication, too. Complete it since it will add additional protection to the account.

Step 4: Deposit USDT to convert it into USDT.

Depending on the policies of the exchange, you could be required to complete another KYC procedure, which is usually between 30 minutes to a couple of days at most. The process is simple to follow. When you’re finished, you’ll have access to your wallet for exchange.

If you’re the first experience with a cryptocurrency transfer, the screen might look a little scary. However, don’t worry about it. It’s much simpler than the bank transfer.

o   Transferring USDT to

  • On the right, you’ll see random numbers that say “USDT address”; this is the only public address for your USDT wallet on, and you can get USDT by providing the account to the individual who is going to pay you the money.
  • Click “Copy Address and then right-click the complete address and click copy to copy the address and clipboard.
  • Return to Coin base and go to your Portfolio and click USDT in your list of assets, after which you can click “Send” on the right.
  • In the field for Recipient in the Recipient field, copy the wallet address you copied from your clipboard. to ensure security. Ensure that both addresses match. There are reports that specific computers malware programs modify the information in your clipboard and then transfer it to another wallet address. As a result, you will send money to a different person.
  • Click “Send” to continue, and you will receive an email confirmation within minutes, after which you can click on the confirmation link within the email, and your money is now on its route to!
  • Return to and go to your wallets for exchange. Don’t be concerned that you don’t have your funds there. It’s probably still being checked in the blockchain network, and it could take a couple of minutes for your money to be deposited. It is contingent on the network conditions part of the USDT network. During peak times, it could take longer.
  • You will get a confirmation message from when your USDT has been received. You are now at the point of purchasing CUMMMIES!

Step 5: Trade CUMMIES

Return to Then, go to the exchange. Boom! What a stunning view! The constant flashing figures could be a little frightening but let’s think about this.

In the column to the right is a search bar. Ensure that “USDT” is selected as you are trading USDT with the altcoin pair. Click it and enter “CUMMIES,” you should be able to see CUMMIES/USDT. Select the right team.

Below is an area with an orange button that reads “Buy CUMMIES,” inside of the box, select “Market” tab as it is the most straightforward kind of buying order. Next, you can type in the amount you want to deposit or select what part of your deposit you wish to purchase by using the buttons for percentages.

Once you’ve confirmed all of the details, then select “Buy CUMMIES.” Voila! You’ve bought your first CUMMIES!

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