CryptoWhere to Buy WINk Crypto in USA

Where to Buy WINk Crypto in USA

The first TRON ecosystem-wide oracle WINkLink fully connects the real world to blockchain technology. It can provide secure, reliable, and unpredictably random numbers. It will also restore trust and enhance user experience through the use of information, events, payment systems, etc., that are real-world.

WIN is a token based on TRON. WIN has been listed on Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex, Bithumb, HitBTC, WazirX, and other prominent exchanges in the world.

The first time WINK was traded was on the 1st of August, 2019. It has a total supply of $994,569,859,243.4,863. At present, it has a market cap of $707,155,789.29. The current value of the coin is $0.000708, and it is ranked at 139 on Coinmarketcap and has recently increased by 1.84 percent as of the moment when this article was written.

Unlike other significant cryptocurrencies, WINK is listed on several crypto exchanges, which can’t be bought with fiat currency. However, you can buy it by first purchasing Bitcoin on any fiat-to-crypto sale and then transferring it to an exchange that allows you to trade the coin—this article will detail the steps for buying the WINk.

Where to Buy WINk in the USA?

The purchase of Wink is easy nowadays. If you’d like to purchase it, you can do so with money, cards, or even PayPal in the USA! However, you’ll have to follow some steps to accomplish this. This is a straightforward guide for you!

Your first step will be to purchase Bitcoins or Ethereum using the credit card you have. Then, they can be converted into Wink.

These steps are to be followed:

  1. Purchase Bitcoin or Etherium through an exchange that you enjoy.
  2. Transmit Bitcoin as well as Etherium into an exchange that accepts Wink currency.
  3. Then, you can exchange Bitcoin or Etherium into Wink.

Follow our step by procedure guide below to buy Wink.

1.      Create an Account on Coinbase

To purchase Ethereum through Coinbase and exchange to Wink (WINK) later on – you must create an account on Coinbase. To open an account, visit the Coinbase website.

Click the sign-up link and then fill in the application. Next, fill in your name (it must be the same as it appears on the photo ID), your email address, password, and your location.

Coinbase is controlled by the US government and adheres to strict financial guidelines. In this regard, they need to confirm your identity. It is a lengthy and time-consuming effort, but this gives Coinbase its reputation as the most reliable method to convert standard money into cryptocurrency.

Verify The Coinbase Account

Because Coinbase must verify your account, you need to provide them with your phone number, upload a photo of your ID with a picture, and confirm your account (credit or debit) or your bank account. This is the only way to be able to buy cryptocurrency.

If you use a credit card from Coinbase, the fees will be higher. However, your purchases will be made instantly. This is because it’s cheaper to make money transfers. However, it’s not as fast – it could take up to one week for you to get your money.

  • Once your payment information is verified, click the “buy/sell” button at the top of the menu.
  • Choose ‘Ethereum’ and enter the amount you’d like to spend/how many coins you would like to purchase in the window at the bottom of the page.
  • After you’ve done that, click on the “Buy” button.
  • You must now confirm your purchase.
  • Make this happen by pressing the ‘Confirm Purchase’ button.
  • You’ve got Ethereum.

2.      Open An Account In An Exchange That Accepts Wink (WINK)

Once you’ve got Ethereum and you’re looking for the best place to exchange it to WINK.

This is a listing of the online exchanges that trade WINK:

o   YoBit

o   CoinExchange

Exchanges are listed in ascending order of trade volume (how much trading occurs on each side).

3.      Transfer Ethereum from Coinbase to Exchange

After you have created an account with an exchange on the list above, you will need to find the address of your wallet in ETH.

The steps to find the address could differ according to the site. However, it’s generally straightforward.

You must receive an address for your “deposit” or “receiver” address.

Write down your ETH wallet’s address to follow your next steps. (The address (Your address) obviously, not the address you see above!)

4.      Transfer EthereumTo Your New Wallet

It is possible to transfer Ethereum to your Coinbase account or from any other bank account your ETH. But, first, transfer it to the deposit/receiver Ethereum address in step 3.

5.      Exchange Ethereum for WINK

If Ethereum appears in your new account (it can take up to a couple of minutes), you will be able to exchange it in exchange for WINK on the new exchange.

The method of trading depends on the exchange platform, but it’s generally the same across platforms.

In general, you’ll want to locate the WINK/ETH trading combination along with “place an order” to purchase WINK using your Ethereum funds.

The order will be processed instantly – any delay is typical because it is struggling to locate sufficient “sell” orders to fulfill your “buy” order.

Congratulations! You’re today the proud owner of a certain quantity of WINK!

Advantages Of Buying WINk

WINk is a relatively brand new but distinctive platform that brings blockchain technology to gambling and gaming. The main benefits of purchasing WINk are:

1. The platform has unique benefits: It utilizes a Raindrop mechanism. Therefore, each dApp part of the WINk platform will share a portion of its benefits. The advantages of WINk are distributed through TRX.

2. A Decentralized Governance:WINk has decentralized governance, which means that every user on the platform can determine the forum’s future direction. Each user can make important decisions that could affect the WINk ecosystem.

3. Integrity and control: most appealing benefit when investing in WINk is that they hold the management of their funds along with the game, and apps on the platform are entirely auditable.

4. Integration and Partnerships:WINk is integrated into several ecosystems and has many essential backers, including Tron and BitTorrent. In the last few months, WINk created WINkLink, the native oracle of Tron, and connected the physical world to the digital one.

5. Maximum Supply: Amount of WINk tokens are around 995 billion units, but there isn’t a limit on supply.

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