CryptoHow to Find New Crypto Coins Before Release

How to Find New Crypto Coins Before Release

In the last few years, you may have witnessed many people earn fortunes and riches through cryptocurrency. The people willing to invest in Bitcoins when the cryptocurrency was first released are now enjoying the advantages. But, unfortunately, the value that is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed, which makes it challenging to get.

You can get investment opportunities in new cryptocurrencies via their Initial Coin Offerings. However, about 1000 of these cryptos are pretty daunting and difficult to locate an investment-grade coin. This article will guide you to find new crypto coins before the launch.

Find New Crypto by ICO:

One method to find out how to identify the newest cryptocurrencies is by observing the ICOs. You can determine which ICOs is coming by using websites, such as ICO alert.

Traders and investors can utilize these sites to investigate and plan their entry and plan their funds to invest in top events. The most obscure ICOs can quickly draw the interest of investors and increase their crypto. But, many of them are likely to fail, and it is essential to analyze and research the market before you go.

  • Learn about the significance of the concept: Bitcoin was a fantastic revolutionary concept when it was first introduced. But, today, many cryptocurrencies offer the same capabilities. Numerous ideas and concepts appear each day, so be sure to look for those that provide an innovative twist on an old idea or are trying to make something massive.
  • Distribution of currency – In most instances, when a coin is more scarce than other coins, the more it can be sold in the market. Learn the number of coins that will be offered on the pre-sale that is closed, the ICO period, as well as other essential details.
  • Exchange plans: One of the most reliable indicators to look for can be when the exchange platform such as Coinbase, Kraken, or Bittrex makes announcements about their plans to offer a coin in its ICO stage.
  • Learn which cryptocurrency is built upon: Most often, new ICOs are created using an existing blockchain, except when they intend to develop their own.
  • Find out which blockchain is the coin built on: It is essential to understand the blockchain that a coin is based on since it will determine which cryptocurrency already in use will participate within the ICO. For instance, a venture which uses Ethereum’sblockchain needs Ether to purchase the new coin. Then, the currency can be exchanged exclusively with Ethereum for some time.
  • Find out who are on team: Find out who makes up the team and then look up their expertise and work experience. It is possible to find information on each member’s background and roles from an overview typically published in each real-world project. It is beneficial to pick a team of veterans.
  • Examine the assets – To determine the project’s credibility, look over the existence of a white document. The white paper should be thorough, comprehensive and should explain its purpose and technology. Other aids include blog posts, videos, and contributions from team members.
  • Look into the community – This is also an essential indicator of a cryptocurrency’s future. Specific communities can be beneficial, like Reddit or Github. Even social media sites can be helpful. The more often a coin is discussed and discussed, the greater chance its value will rise. But be cautious about the bounties that crypto companies are paying to spread public awareness about their cryptocurrency.

Tools to Find New ICOs and Cryptocurrencies

1.      Top ICO List

This is the one-stop-shop for finding potential blockbusters in the ICO market. The tool offers a complete listing of all ICOs and information on some of the most popular current ICOs and details on the previous ICOs to allow comparing the performance of ICOs that you are interested in. In addition, the Top ICO List offers the most well-curated white papers and single-pagers of ICOs.

2.      Smith + Crown

Smith + Crown is grooming itself to be Bloomberg and Financial Times in the crypto world. This tool allows access to publicly available research that has been summarized and tagged for reference and exploration.

The company also offered an inventory of current and planned ICOs with a brief overview of the ICO (the project’s name and an overview of the ICO along with the dates for the start and end of the sale of their tokens).

In some instances, they also provide in-depth research, including whitepaper reviews, an analysis of the market, and comments on the company’s strategies. It’s an excellent resource to learn about how to locate new crypto-currencies.

3.      CoinGecko

CoinGecko is a different option for how to discover brand new crypto coins. It’s still in beta testing with the public, but it has been proven beneficial for crypto traders and investors who want to stay ahead of the game.

This tool gives a live analysis of the live cryptocurrency market on various exchanges. It also provides essential information like the market capitalization of multiple cryptocurrencies and insight into the evolution of the currency and its community activities.

4.      ICO Bench

This tool is an expert ICO grader website that makes use of scores from experts and crypto traders. Experts evaluate the project by assessing criteria like hard cap white, team, or complicated cap papers and then grading them.

The best score an ICO can achieve during this test will be 40. This tool will help you discover new crypto coins that you can buy and new coins to buy.

Final Conclusion:

There is a myriad of cryptocurrencies and currencies which are available. That means that there are plenty of possibilities for traders and investors too. They must find coins that have the potential to be profitable, which is why finding the latest crypto coins is crucial. The right tools and strategies can significantly aid you in the process of looking for the top coins.

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