CryptoWhere to Buy Substratum Crypto

Where to Buy Substratum Crypto

Substratum (SUB) is an open-source network. It lets anyone provide extra computing resources to help build the foundations of the decentralized internet. The goal of the network is to make the internet a completely free and equitable place to everyone in the world’. Substratum Network is a network of nodes that uses cryptography to serve safe content to the world without using VPNs and Tor. Any Substratum Node is recognized with SUB every time they provide content.

SUB was traded for the first time on Sep 25 in 2017. It’s an all-inclusive supply of 472,000,000. At the moment, SUB currently has an estimated market cap of $1,510,597.18. The current price for SUB currently is $0.00320 and is placed at 1833 in Coinmarketcap.

SUB is available on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges, unlike other major cryptocurrencies that are purchased using fiat currency. However, you can easily purchase the coin by purchasing Bitcoin on any exchange that deals in fiat-to-crypto and then transfer the money to the exchange, which allows you to trade the coin. In this article, there is guide you through you can follow to purchase SUB.

Substratum is purchased using CoinSpot:

·         Sign up for CoinSpot

Create a CoinSpot account and confirm in a matter of minutes.

·         Buy and deposit

In your account, deposit AUD and enter the amount in the AUD you wish to exchange in SUB, then click “Buy.”

·         That’s it!

You now have Substratum! Click “Go to SUB Wallet” to view your Substratum.

Should You Trade SUB to CoinSpot:

CoinSpot is the largest cryptocurrency in Australia. Platform, which has been in operation since 2013 and is backed by more than 2 million Australians. It’s simple to purchase and sell Substratum regardless of how much experience you have in trading. In contrast to the other global and Australian Substratum exchanges that require technical expertise and experience.

CoinSpot offers a variety of security options and advanced support services to allow you to purchase Substratum with confidence and with the confidence that the support team is always there to assist. In addition, various trading options are available on CoinSpot’s exchange that permits users to trade Substratum in the way they prefer.

Buy Substratum on Coinbase:

Step 1: Create an account on Coinbase. Coinbase Account!

Coinbase (and its sibling Coinbase Pro) can be described as an exchange for cryptocurrency.

Step 2: Buy Ethereum or Bitcoin!

Once you’re on Coinbase, You can buy Ethereum (Ethereum) and BTC (Bitcoin) via Coinbase. (BTC is more expensive in transaction fees and more time to complete transactions. So keep the above in your head.)

Step 3: Sign up for an account with Binance!

Make an account with Binance. Binance is an excellent exchange since it has a huge number of coins and is open to those who reside in the USA and because it offers minimal commissions. Switch on “Using BNB to pay for fees” under the Account tab to ensure that you’re receiving the most affordable prices.

Congratulations! You are now a part of the Binance as well as Coinbase accounts.

Step 4: Transfer the currency from Coinbase

Make sure you transfer the Coinbase currency (ETH or BTC) into the Binance account. For this, follow these steps:

To begin, log into your Binance account, click the Funds tab, and then Deposits. Next, search for the cryptocurrency you prefer (ETH or BTC) and click the coin you want to deposit. Copy the deposit address.

After that, visit Coinbase. Then, use the copied address to transfer the corresponding Coinbase cryptocurrency to Binance. First, go to Accounts, then click “Send” next to the cryptocurrency you want to transfer to Binance. Copy the address copied into the recipient field, then decide on the amount to transfer.

After you’ve completed the transfer, it will be initiated and will take several minutes to complete. Check that if you are sending ETH, it was copying the ETH address into Binance as well as in the case of BTC, you have to copy your BTC address, or else you’ll have to be done with your money. It will vanish into the air if you enter an address that is for the incorrect currency!

Step 5: Purchase Substratum!

After the transfer has gone through (ETH is more rapid than BTC), you can now purchase SUB using the currency you transferred. Click on Exchange >> Basic. On the right-hand side, please select the currency you purchased (ETH or Bitcoin). Then, in the search box, type SUB, click on it.

On the lower left of the screen, you will now see the words ‘Buy SUB,’ “Price Amount,’ the list of percentages “Total,” and a green button that reads “Buy SUB.’ If you would like to use all your BTC or ETH to purchase SUB, choose 100 percent.

Substratum to buy using CoinSwitch:

Create a CoinSwitch account:

  • Visit CoinSwitch and register an account. In certain cases, the exchange may require certain personal details like the email address, number, address, name, as well as a copy of your passport or government ID.
  • This is normal, and CoinSwitch have security built-in to safeguard your personal information.

Fund Your Account:

  • It’s time to deposit funds into your new exchange account. This will let you buy Substratum rapidly.
  • After signing up at the exchange, you’ll be given easy-to-follow instructions for buying SUB using cash from your account at your bank or debit or credit card. Certain exchanges will also accept other payment methods, such as Paypal, Apple Pay, Skrill, or Sofort from Klarna.
  • You can also put any cryptocurrency supported directly into an exchange bank account and exchange them for SUB.

Finial Thoughts:

Substratum purchases are easy these days. If you wish to purchase it, you can do so with money, credit card, or even PayPal! But, you’ll need to follow some steps to make it happen, which is why various ways to purchase SUB are listed below! It’s broken into pieces, and you can follow the one in line with the method you used to purchase.

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