CryptoHow to Install mTokenCryptoID

How to Install mTokenCryptoID

mTokenCryptoID is a dual-factor portable USB token that incorporates smartcard technology. The technology is based on certificates and stores credentials, including passwords, private keys, and digital certificates inside the secure area of the smart card chip. Additionally, the embedded Smartcard technology can be used to provide highly secure authentication and verification across multiple industries.

IT administrators who use mTokenCryptoID will access an extensive set of APIs that effortlessly integrates into existing authentication systems or are customized for multiple platforms. Furthermore, end-users will benefit from the simple user interface that offers secure authentication in online services, email security, VPN login, Windows smart card logins for local or network-based authentication.

Our world is rapidly becoming connected because of rapid advancements in technology and the information industry. The way people lifestyles, work, and studying has been drastically changing and increasing more efficiently. In the meantime, E-Commerce, E-Government, Digital Currency, E-Banking, retail, and financial industries rapidly utilize digital information resources each day.

Important Features and Benefits of the mTokenCryptoID

·         Supports multiple application security authentication:

mTokenCryptoID supports standard smart card applications for security.

·         Smart Card Based

Uses 32-bit smart card technology that allows smart card-based authenticating and robust authentication.

·         Processing of encryption on-board

The encryption and decryption process takes place on the mToken device. This reduces the possibility of running the operation in a localized environment on the host system.

·         Non-Repudiation Digital Signing

It provides non-repudiation electronic signing and storage of transactions as well as documents using PKI technology. It ensures the authenticity of electronic transactions in retail and finance.

·         Multiple Algorithms Are Employed

mTokenCryptoID use some algorithmic encryptions including:

  • Symmetric Algorithm: DES 3DES, 3DES, AES168 and AES256
    • Asymmetric Algorithm Asymmetric Algorithm: RSA1024/2048
    • Digest Algorithm (MD5), The SHA256 algorithm, SHA384, and SHA512.

·         Self-Lock Capability

The ability to auto-lock the device once a certain limit on the number of login attempts is reached.

·         Unique Global Hardware ID

Utilizes a unique hardware ID as well as a user-defined 32-bit software ID for the device’s identification.

·         Secure File System

Secure file system to store digital certificates and files with the three-level authorization system.

·         3 Level Permission System

The serial number of the hardware is read upon token plug-in. Token will be in Super User Mode once super password verification. mToken is in usage mode after the password is verified. Implements a triple-level high-security authorization system including Administrator, User, and Guest

·         Secure Credentials

Credentials are secured and saved on the device but cannot be exported.

·         Security Standards for Cryptography

  • Microsoft CryptoAPI and CNGX509 3.0 storage for certificates
    • PKCS# 11 V2.20
    • Microsoft SmartCard Mini Driver

·         Multi-Platform Compatibility

  • Support is available across various OS platforms, such as XP, Server 2003, Vista and 7,8,10, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Installing mTokenCryptoID Driver:

  • Then, insert the mToken device into the computer’s USB port.
  • Double-click to open the CryptoID Setup file.
  • The wizard for setting up CryptoID will start.
  • Install the Driver, and then finish
  • The mTokenCrytoid Driver has been successfully installed.
  • mTokenCrytoidshortcut can be shown on desktop.
  • Open mTokenCryptoID Certificate utility
  • Click on the user to enter the USB Pin.
  • In the end, you will discover the user’s certificates.

Renewing mToken Digital Signature:

If your digital signature is already in place, but it’s expired, and you want to renew it. To do this, it is not necessary to purchase a new certificate, and you can use the same USB for a token to renew it. The new DSC certificate is downloaded to the existing token. It will save you the money and time needed to transfer the token. It functions as a brand new token. Fresh documents and proofs are needed to renew a digital signature.

  • You can make use of your existing token to pay for DSC renewal.
  • There is no need to purchase another token.
  • The new certification will be updated on your existing USB Token.
  • It reduces USB device costs.
  • It reduces the time needed for transportation tokens.
  • You can upgrade your certificate with another certificate.
  • It functions as a brand new device.
  • Download Class 3 as well as DGFT digital signatures within your mToken.

Technical Parameters

Power supply                         USB Port

Working Voltage                   5V (USB Chargeable)

Working current                     50mA

Working temperature             0 – 70℃

Storing temperature               -20 – 85℃

Casing Material                      Metal

Communication                      USB CCID

Interface Standard                 USB 2.0 High-speed support; compliant with 3.0

Processor                                32-bit Smartcard chip

Memory                                  128KB EEPROM

Read/Write Cycles                 At least 500,000 write/erase cycles

Data Retention                       At least 10 Years

Power Consumption              Less than 100mW

Supporting OS

mTokenCryptoID follows international cross-platform standards and is therefore compatible with a variety of operating systems. The supported operating systems include:

  • Windows XP, 2003, Vista 7, 8 10, 10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows SERVER 2003/2012/2015, and many more
  • Linux 2.6 plus more
  • Mac OS X 10 and above

Additionally, multiple secure middleware and algorithms are also available.

mTokenCryptoID offers Microsoft Mini Driver, Microsoft Crypto API, and PKCS#11 interface. In addition, it supports various key pairs and certificates. Therefore, applications that are compatible with these interfaces can be integrated and thus secured.

COS Features:

  • ISO 7816 Standard
  • Support for DES, 3DES, AES128/192/256, SHA1/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512, RSA(1024/2048)
  • Multiple applications Multiple containers, multiple applications, and multiple certificates;
  • Support for X.509 V3 certificate storage and import of certificates.

Last Words:

Century Longmai’s new mTokenCryptoID is a brand new generation smartcard chip, a two-factor authentication device using CCID drivers. Drivers for CCID work to safeguard the device from attack and are less vulnerable to sniffing packets, thus providing more secure authentication.

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