CryptoHow to Buy Eclipse crypto on Coinbase?

How to Buy Eclipse crypto on Coinbase?

Eclipse is a brand-new token created using the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that was made as an idea for a meme token. Eclipse symbolizes ECP. The cryptocurrency is gaining immense popularity and receiving praise and encouragement from their community; Eclipse currency has become very well-known within BSC market. Eclipse as crypto is listed as #5859 in the market for cryptocurrency. They are currently working on many new protocols for their holders as well as serious players.

To buy Eclipse on most cryptocurrency exchanges, you should have Bitcoin (BTC) as well as Ethereum (ETH) for trading. There are numerous locations to buy BTC and ETH on the internet. However, Coinbase is the most convenient option to start investing in the cryptocurrency market. It is easy to purchase cryptocurrency on Coinbase by using your credit card or even a Bank Account.

Step-by-step guide on how to purchase Eclipse (ECP) Bitcoin:

1.    Create Your Coinbase account:

Signing up with email:

You have to head over to Coinbase website ( Then, enter your email address into the box to start. Make sure that the email address you input is one that you can access and is the most secure email address as it is the way you’ll always log in to Your Coinbase account.

If you do, Coinbase will ask you to choose whether you are an individual or a business. Be sure to enter your actual name because Coinbase will be using this information to verify your account.

Verifying Email:

Next, Coinbase should send you an email to verify the email you have entered. Then, you can open the email and click the link. You’ll be logged in to (or be eligible to sign into) the Coinbase account. Since you’ll be using your hard-earned funds to finance your Coinbase account, you have to follow a few additional verification steps.

First, you must verify that you have a mobile phone number. Coinbase utilizes your phone number to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for your account. This makes your account more secure. In essence, Coinbase will send you a text message about every significant change made to your account. This includes making purchases.


The next step is to set up your financing sources (i.e., what you will use for buying the Bitcoin or Ethereum). Again, the options are to either use your bank account or Credit card.When you buy using a Credit Card, you will purchase instantly and exchange your coins immediately. The only drawback is that the daily limit for purchases on a Credit Card will be around $750 when you first sign up for your account.

If you wish to deposit into your account with your bank account and purchase a cryptocurrency, it is not available to trade for up to five business days. Therefore, you have indeed secured the price of your purchase at the moment of purchase, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to make use of your purchase to begin purchasing Eclipse (ECP).

2.    Start your first purchase of Bitcoin (BTC) as well as Ethereum (ETH) on Coinbase:

You are now ready to buy your first Bitcoin or Ethereum, which you’ll later purchase Eclipse (ECP).Most exchanges that allow investment with Eclipse (ECP) will permit customers to buy using Bitcoin (BTC).

First, it would help decide how much you would like to put into the investment. This is a dollar figure. Be aware that you don’t need to buy a whole coin; instead, you’ll be investing a fraction of the coin. Understanding this can assist you with future cryptocurrency investment. Next, select your preferred source of funding (i.e., credit card). Then click BUY.

If you buy BTC or ETH, you’ll be aware that Coinbase charges a cost (3.99 percent for purchases made with credit cards). The good thing is that they notify the user before purchasing the total cost.CONGRATS! You’re already an investor in crypto.

3.    Invest your Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy Eclipse (ECP):

It’s time to buy Eclipse (ECP) with your money via Coinbase.Since Coinbase only permits purchase of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin, you will have to move the BTC or ETH investment to a different cryptocurrency exchange.

Trading through exchange:

Each exchange has its unique method to set up the account to trade. After you have your trading account set up at one of the exchanges that trades Eclipse (ECP), you must transfer your BTC or Ethereum from Coinbase to the specific exchange. This is accomplished through the wallet system.

Be careful not to get too overwhelmed because this is relatively straightforward.

If you are at the exchange where you plan to buy Eclipse (ECP), you’ll have to obtain the account’s BTC or the ETH wallet ID. Most exchanges will have the DEPOSIT button beside one of BTC or ETH. If you click it, you’ll be able to see (or receive the option to click on to generate) the wallet’s ID. The ID for your wallet is specific to the account you have.

Be sure that you’re receiving the correct wallet ID for the right currency that you bought through Coinbase. For example, bitcoins can only be used in Bitcoin accounts, while Ethereum is only able to be used in Ethereum wallets.

Once you’ve got your particular currency’s wallet ID, go back to the Coinbase account.

Then you’ll play a quick waiting game since the transfer must go through the cryptocurrency ecosystem before it can be validated several times. There is nothing you have to do other than wait for this to occur. This can take as little as five minutes or as long as a couple of hours based on the day.

Ready to buy Eclipse:

The positive side is that within your Coinbase account, they will provide you with an option to monitor the transfer. Once the transfer has been confirmed, it will show up in your exchange account and be ready for you to buy Eclipse (ECP).

If you bought Ethereum (ETH) on Coinbase, you are likely to be looking to invest in the ECP/ETH option.For Bitcoin, you should look for ECP/BTC. If Eclipse (ECP) does not have an investment option that uses the currency you bought through Coinbase isn’t a problem. All you have to do is to trade in the currency you want to purchase.

When you’re in the market to buy Eclipse (ECP), and you are ready to purchase it, likely, you’ll have several options to go about it. One option is buying at market prices. That is the price that Eclipse (ECP) trades at. There’s nothing wrong with buying at this rate, but If you think that it will fall or you would like to buy it for less, take a look at the price of the limit.

Limit price states that you need to buy a quantity of Eclipse (ECP) at an exact price. If the cost of ECP is at or above that price, your purchase will be processed. Be aware of the market’s volatility;

Last Thoughts:

If you’re making an investment for the first time into Eclipse (ECP) and you are a new investor, you must keep track of your investment. Although the exchange you bought Eclipse handles this for you, using a third-party website or app can make it much more manageable.

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