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How to Cancel Card?’s Visa Prepaid Card is an attractive specialty card intended for crypto-currency holders who want to quickly access their crypto assets and convert them into the currency that can be used for spending.

Before the advent of crypto-based payment cards, customers faced wait times of many days in trying to access their cash to spend. This Visa card has helped resolve this issue by allowing cardholders to transfer the crypto funds onto their card and convert them into the fiat currency that the user prefers.

If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast looking for an easy and secure way to get access to and utilize your crypto assets, The Rewards Visa might be a good choice; however, for those hoping to get the most value from their rewards through high-value rewards, the Rewards Visa isn’t the best alternative.

Canceling your Card:

To cancel the account of your Visa card, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the support team at through the app chat feature or via email: with the subject Close Card.

Additional Details Should You Know About your Visa Card:

Lost Card Visa Card:

Make sure to stop using Your Visa Card in the App as soon as possible and then get in touch with your support team through the app or website live chat or via email: Note that a replacement cost could be charged.

Freezing your Visa Card:

For freezing your

  • On the card, page Click on the icon for your card (upper left-hand corner)
  • Tap Freeze

A damaged Visa Card:

Contact the support by phone or in-app live chat or via email:  There is a possibility that they’ll charge a fee for replacement cards. More details will be provided in the T&C once the cards are in the process of being shipped.

Security measures you must take if someone steals your wallets and has access to the card:

A cardholder can stop it immediately by using the Application. There are daily speed limits for the number of transactions as well as the volume.

Any suspicious activity (i.e., purchases made online that exceed the customers’ average size of a ticket for a brand new retailer) will likely be discovered by the Processing platform, which could result in the transaction being declined. As the cardholder, you’ll be able to initiate charges just as you do use any credit or debit card. card is prepaid card and not a debit card:

In all practical terms, the prepaid card and debit card are identical. The distinction is that the debit card is tied with your account at a bank, and with a prepaid credit card, you must recharge it first (in the case of an account transfer to your bank or bank account linking credit/debit card as well as crypto).

You may have more than one Visa Card:

There is no, will only be authorized to issue one credit card per individual.

Redrawing the funds from your cryptocurrency Visa card:

Click the TRANSFER button “Withdraw” > “Crypto” > “External Wallet” Click on the “+ Add Wallet Address” button to create an address for withdrawal to a new.

Select the cryptocurrency you would like to withdraw. Copy, type, or scan your withdrawal’s address (tap an icon with a blue QR code to scan it).

Option for supplementary cards:

It is a frequently requested feature, and is working with its partners to make it possible.


What is the Interbank Exchange rate?

The mid-market rate is the middle point that lies between the sell prices of both currencies. It is a rate of exchange that is the price a buyer is willing to pay and what the seller is willing to sell. The name also knows it of interbank rates.

What exchange rate do you plan to make use of: offers highly competitive rates for exchange for the same basis as Fiat and Cryptocurrency. Any fees are, if applicable, to be listed in the terms and conditions that will inform you of once your card is ready to ship.

What is the $50 closing account fee applied to Your Visa Card?

If there’s an outstanding credit balance in the Visa card and you would like to have the funds returned, a fee of $50 will be charged to cover the processing costs.

You can also spend the card’s balance until it is zero, and then no fee will be incurred.

Utilizing the card:

You can make use of Your Visa card to make purchases more than 40 million Points of Sale (POS) worldwide (look for the VISA logo) and numerous online retailers. Remember, this Card is a Visa debit card.

Buy crypto using card:

How can I buy CRO or crypto on the App using my credit or debit card? Press on the Buy button. Then Trade, and select CRO or the desired cryptocurrency to purchase.

Input your credit or debit card on the screen following, and it will generate an encrypted connection with our gateway for payments.

Is card credit or debit:

These debit cards prepaid can earn rewards without having credit cards. The rewards differ from platform to.

The crypto debit cards are accessible at a variety of top cryptocurrency exchanges. Some platforms also have launched crypto credit cards; however, the pre-paid debit cards are more widespread and simpler to register for.

Some of these prepaid cards can earn rewards just like you would with credit cards. Additionally, they usually don’t have annual charges.

Last Thoughts:

There could be a variety of reasons to end your Visa card. There are many reasons to do the fact that you’ve misplaced the Visa card. First, you’ll need to shut down your Visa card. To shut down your Visa card, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the support team at through the app chat feature or via email: with the subject Close Card.

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