CryptoHow To Buy Crypto Under 18

How To Buy Crypto Under 18

There isn’t an age limit that is legally allowed to purchase bitcoin. If you’re mature enough to appreciate it, then you must be at the right age to be able to purchase it. However, in practice, many exchanges require a minimum of 18 in line with KYC rules. If you’re underage, you can’t join, no matter how clearly you’ve scanned your document or registered your name.So, how do minors purchase bitcoin without violating the law?

A recent survey revealed that millennials have a higher enthusiasm for cryptocurrency than other age groups. If 18-year-olds are awestruck by bitcoin, it stands to reason that their younger, tech-savvy children are just as interested. Many well-known bitcoiners delved into cryptocurrency at the age of 16 or less and have been hooked since then.

Many of Bitcoin’s first miners were essentially minors. Coinbase allowed minors to purchase bitcoin. However, they have since barred users from signing up. In the early days of bitcoin, regulations were laxer and, with the help of a tolerant relative, the process of transferring money to the exchange was fairly simple.

How to Buy Crypto Under 18?

If you’ve ever wondered how to purchase Bitcoin as a minor, here are ways you can do it without violating the law.

·         Bitcoin ATMs

There are more than 4,500 Bitcoin ATMs across the globe, and this number has risen over the past couple of years and continues to grow day by day. Even with the pricey transaction charges, ATMs can provide an excellent option for minors to purchase or sell Bitcoin. When you use an ATM, there is no requirement to confirm your account unless you go over a specific threshold.

All you need to do is find an ATM close to you. Check out the ATMradar website for that. If you wish to exceed the permitted threshold for each ATM and you’re in need of a way to move between machines, This way, you could purchase or sell some Bitcoins at one ATM before completing the next transaction at a different one.

·         Crypto-payments freelancing

Naturally, as a young person or a teenager, you may wish to purchase Bitcoin but are unable to do so. If you are skilled in areas like developing software, Web development, video editing, web design, or content writing, online assistance could earn you bitcoins by using your skills.

There are numerous new freelance websites focusing on crypto that allow their customers to make and receive payments using cryptocurrency. Some of these sites have gone further to provide secure Bitcoin escrow services to make sure that transactions are conducted in a fair and honest manner.

All you need to do is create a job on these websites or submit an application for job postings from people who are looking for specific services. On these freelance websites, you can earn an enormous amount of crypto without having to worry about age or breaking the law.

·         Purchase with just the phone numbers (U.S. Only)

If you live in the United States, there are certain platforms that permit customers to buy items even if you’re under 18 years old. For example, in the US, you can make purchases via LibertyX using your phone number. In Canada, there are ATMs that require only an account number in addition to a phone number.

·         You can pay a senior who you trust to purchase it for you

Don’t let age restrict the possibility of using cryptocurrency. Consult a financial advisor for your family member to assist you in purchasing bitcoin or ethereum if you have not already done so.

·         Utilize Craigslist

Making purchases through Craiglist is among the options available through the platform. Visit It will guide you to the closest city. Look up “bitcoin” to view the listings of sellers selling the cryptocurrency. Visit them in McDonald’s or other locations that are accessible to you to get your wallet set up. The seller will transfer bitcoins to you, and you will pay with fiat currency. Try them first, using a lower amount, before making a larger payment. Make sure you keep your wallet open as well as internet access to verify your balance prior to making a payment.

·         The local crypto groups

Check out Facebook as well as Twitter and you’ll locate crypto meetups within your local area. The people who organise these meetups are eager to promote the adoption of bitcoin and are willing to assist. Always be cautious when you meet and trade with people at first. And do not give a cent until you are able to verify the transaction’s details on the blockchain.

Teenagers who want to acquire bitcoin have come up with a creative approach, buying Amazon gift cards and then trading them with sites like Paxful. Another option is getting bitcoin through online transactions and then asking for it to be a gift from relatives and friends.

·         Exchanges that are decentralized

Decentralized exchanges allow buyers and sellers to transact without revealing their identities, unlike peer-to-peer marketplaces that require you to undergo KYC. Minors are able to use Bisq, HodlHodl and as examples of the decentralised exchanges that minors are able to use to buy Bitcoin.

How can you buy cryptocurrency under 18? Decentralized exchanges permit traders to purchase and sell their favourite cryptocurrency on their own terms. There is no need for authorization to conduct transactions. But, it’s recommended to be cautious and only invest money you’re willing to risk.

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