CryptoHow To Read Candlesticks Crypto

How To Read Candlesticks Crypto

It’s not necessary to be a stressful and confusing experience. However, it does require some understanding. Every investment you make should be thoroughly researched prior to investing your hard-earned cash. One of the most effective ways to investigate a cryptocurrency is to study the graph of candlesticks for the cryptocurrency.

Although a chart of candlesticks may initially appear daunting, they’re fairly easy to comprehend. Do you want to buy, hold, or sell? If you are able to understand candles, you’ll soon become an expert in cryptocurrency.

If you’re a veteran trader or just beginning your journey, this guide will teach you how to analyze cryptocurrency candlestick charts as an expert.

What are candelisstick charts?

The first step to learning the basics of candlestick charts is understanding the information they provide. In simple terms, the definition of a candlestick chart is a graph that displays the value of an asset as well as its fluctuation over a period of time. The X-axis is a representation of time, and the Y-axis displays the value of the investment.

Although a graph of lines could show this, a chart with candles provides more details.

Each candlestick in the chart represents the duration of Based on the settings of your chart, you could observe candles that signify one minute or an hour. The candle will indicate the price of the open and close of the cryptocurrency during the time period.

What do candlesticks say about us?

Candlesticks reveal more than simply price fluctuations over time. Professional traders are able to spot patterns to determine market sentiment as well as forecast the direction that the market is heading next. Here are some examples of the types of patterns they’re looking for:

A long wick at the bottom of a candle, for instance, could mean that investors are investing in the asset when prices decrease or rise, which could be a sign that an asset may be headed upwards.

A long wick at the top of a candle could indicate that traders are seeking profits–suggesting a major sell off in the near term.

If the body takes up almost the entire candle with very small wicks (or there are no apparent or visible wicks on both sides), it could be a sign of a strongly bullish outlook (on green candles) or a strongly bearish sentiment (on candles in red).

Understanding what candlesticks could mean within the context of an individual asset or in specific market conditions is an aspect of a trading strategy called technical analysis, through which traders attempt to make use of price fluctuations in the past to determine trends and future opportunities.

How to Read Candlestick Charts?

The advantage of charts with candlesticks is that they are able to be read at a single glance since they are a straightforward visual representation of the history of prices. Each candlestick corresponds to the same timeframe, which can be any time period between seconds and decades.

In general, the larger the body of the candlestick, the more intense the fight between bears and bulls was in the time frame. Likewise, when the wick is shorter, it means that the low or high price was near the closing price in the time frame measured. In the event that the candlestick’s body color is green, it is a sign that the asset ended higher than when it first opened, and vice versa in the case of red. Certain charting software makes use of white and black instead of green and red, and hollow candlesticks to represent upward movements, and solids to depict down.

How do I understand “one-candle signals”?

Trading in very small time frames often concentrates on a single candle. It is important to be familiar with the “one-candle signals” that can be beneficial for you as an aspiring trader. In the picture below, you’ll see four standard one-candle signals.

A prolonged upper shadow may be an indication of a bearish market, which means that investors are trying to sell their shares and make a profit. The longer the shadow, the more reliable an indicator it is.

A longer shadow on the lower side can be a positive signal and indicate that investors are seeking to buy, which can drive prices higher. The longer the shadow is, the more reliable the signal is.

A Doji candle does not have a body since the prices for the open and close are identical. This is usually considered to indicate an indecisive market and may be an indicator of a price change that is coming. (Why “doji”? Candlestick charts were first utilized to track prices by Japanese traders in 18th-century rice. “Doji” means error, likely since it’s not usual for prices to close and open at the exact time.

Umbrellas are distinguished by their longer bottom wicks. An umbrella that is red is called the “hammer.” If you spot a hammer, it usually means that the asset has received an intense buy-in and that the price could soon be heading upwards. Green umbrellas, however, are known as “hanging men”. They’re usually a sign that sellers are eager to take a profit and reverse the upward trend.

It’s vital to keep in mind that candlestick signals may be significant indicators, but an accurate analysis of the market will require an understanding of the bigger picture. The art of identifying patterns and trends on candlestick charts isn’t an easy task. If you’re not certain which the best investment strategy is for you, talk to an experienced advisor.


Understanding the crypto candlestick chart is a skill anyone should learn should they wish to compete in the current competitive cryptocurrency market. While tools for analyzing cryptocurrency are a valuable tool in your arsenal of trading tools, you must apply them correctly to get knowledge from them.

The cryptocurrency candlestick charts could assist you in better predicting the market and you could make use of them as a complementing instrument for your study.

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