CryptoWhat Is Crypto Space

What Is Crypto Space

Space Crypto is an NFT Play-to-Earn (PTE) game in which players can earn tokens by playing intelligent, strategic gameplay as well as contribute to an active Space Metaverse ecosystem. Within the Space Metaverse, the player is a space guardian whose goal is to battle villainous bosses to defend the security of the universe with spaceships. With its Free-to-Play system and simple gameplay, stunning images, Space Crypto will bring an immersive adventure in space, as well as aid players to gain more tokens during their spare time. Space Crypto will be available to download for free via the internet browsers, iOS, and Android.

Spaceships are the primary element in the game and it’s comprised of an NFT rare, transferrable, and precious digital asset. Spaceships are needed by players to battle their foes. To fight it is necessary to form the spaceships in a group that has at minimum one spaceship and the most 15 spaceships. Spaceships of all types have the same cost of 10 $ SPG per spaceship. Each spaceship is equipped with the following statistics:

The rarity of a ship

A vessel with a rarity higher is more robust. The rarity levels range from six to seven. Here are the chances for each rarity level for one spaceship:

If a spaceship is unable to replenish its supply of ammunition in the middle of an encounter it will be removed from the fight to refill ammo. The normal reloading rate for spacecraft is three ammo every 10 seconds. You can equip your spacecraft with a basic unit to increase the speed of reloading. Spaceships can continue the fight only after more than half of their ammunition is filled. You must manually add these spaceships back into the fight. So long as the spaceship is not in use during a battle it will be able to automatically load ammunition.

The firing rate of every spacecraft is determined by firing many times per second.

The greater the rarity of spacecraft, the greater the speed of firing.


Damage points are the amount of HP a spaceship’s opponent loses. Each spaceship’s ammo comes with its damage rate. The total damage spaceships inflict to their adversaries = The amount of ammo it has multiplied by the damage rate for each ammunition.

Base Unit

The base can be linked to a spaceship to speed loading ammo and can is also available as an NFT. Each base has a different level between Small (Alpha 1,2,3) Medium (Beta 1,2,3) as well as large (Gamma 1,2,3). The higher the grade of a base is the more ammo recovery speed that it gives. Because the base is an NFT, it is possible to buy or sell it and transfer it to or from your cryptocurrency wallet.

Boss unit

The Boss unit is an enemy your spaceship team must destroy. Every battle will be assigned an exact time, known as showtime. You must take on the boss within the specified time. SPE reward will be awarded when you beat an opponent. Its amount SPE reward varies with the boss you defeat as well as your chance.

Space Metaverse

Space Crypto’s mission is to provide a truly immersive space metaverse where users can create online worlds as well as games together and without the need for a central authority. It is Space Metaverse uses two tokens for creating a circular economic system among all the user profiles that use its platform, namely Space Guardian and Landowners. Space Guardian and Landowners. The most important resource is Land. within the space metaverse, with only a small amount. Land allows players to be a part of the Metaverse and be able to:


Battle: Every boss you beat is awarded an individual amount of $SPE reward. Once you have defeated this boss, you participate in a slot game that will determine the exact amount of SPE you get. Four scenarios could occur in the game of slot:

If you play in Raid mode it is not necessary to purchase a spaceship or any other equipment and can play any time, anywhere. This mode is intended for busy players who wish to unwind by playing video games and earn additional money while doing it.

Tournament mode (coming shortly) The player can earn more tokens in Tournament mode. Participate in the tournament to show that you are the top Space Guardian in the Space Metaverse.

PvP mode (coming very soon) You can play with your friends and fellow players in the PvP mode.


Through games, Space Guardians will be able to play games, Space Guardian will be able to build stronger SpaceShips and earn a variety of NFT items. An NFT can be described as a document that identifies the owner of a digital property that can be traced on blockchain. The Market Place or marketplace is the location where Space Guardians come together to purchase and sell NFT items.

What exactly is the Space Crypto Token (SPG)?

Space Crypto Token (SPG) is the principal token used in the Space Metaverse. The purpose of the introduction of $SPG is to offer an easy and secure method of payment for Space Crypto and other games in the Space Metaverse.

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