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What Happened To David Hay Crypto

In the review of content, few can compare to David in terms of quality and authenticity of the content. The attraction of this famous YouTuber’s crypto channel is that the video he uses is his own performing the review and gives an authentic ping in comparison to other YouTubers who film their videos.

An ex-top Department of Education official begged guilty to the federal charge of child pornography within Wisconsin this week. David Hay, who was most recently the deputy chief of staff for the Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, swapped sexually explicit emails with a 15-year old boy when he was the director of the Wisconsin secondary school back in May 2010 as per prosecutor.

Hay was fired from the DOE following his Dec. 2019, custody in Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport for annoying to trap a 14-year-old to a hotel room. The disgraced teacher was caught after months of chatting with the police officer who he believed was a teen that he was meeting with and naming “Colton.”

After the arrest, charges were later removed, police discovered photographs of the child on Hay’s cell phone, which led to the additional charge of child pornography according to prosecutors.

Officials have acknowledged that Hay was never thoroughly scrutinized in the town’s Department of Investigation and blamed the issue on a huge backlog of background checks totaling 6,000 that have long afflicted the office. The DOE carried out two background checks on Hay in the years 2016 and 2018. However, the DOE checks are limited to fingerprinting as well as criminal database searches and didn’t reveal any suspicious signs.

Hay earned $168,000 per year when he was arrested. Carranza has recently taken over Hay by Gabrielle Ramos, who’s pulling in $181,750 per year. When he was sentenced in December. 18 sentence at Green Bay, Hay faces the possibility of a minimum sentence of five years in jail and as long as 20 years in jail.

Is Youtuber David Hay Missing?

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In our present ICO initiative, needs all the opportunities to spread the word of our company and ICO across the globe. Utilizing review sites when done right can bring us the exposure and credibility. However, David Hay as an independent YouTuber ICO commentator failed to fulfill their word. Youtuber David Hay agreed on an amount of $100 as payment in addition to a percentage of bonus for every token sales to his recommendations. The initial payment was made on the 22nd of June 2018 through an Ethereum transfer, however, David changed his mind the following day to request more money. David stated that it’s not his policy to make such a request. The company’s crypto wallet won’t refund any money you have that is paid. The denial of payment is a violation of the sale contract and completely unprofessional.

Free of ties by David Hay

Regular EVA readers will know they know that Grant Williams is not only an avid contributor to the guest editions of our newsletter He’s also one of my most trusted friends. Therefore, you ought to be sure to take what I’m about to give you with a large shaking of salt. Grant Williams should be considered, alongside his most reliable sources for the Pulitzer Prize in investigative reporting.

The issue at hand is one that wanted to tackle in previous EVAs however, the stable coin, also known as Tether. * If you aren’t aware that a stable coin is meant to be secured one-to-one by something like US dollars or other secure assets. For a long time, Tether insisted that was valid in its instance. Unfortunately for the world’s most popular stable currency, NY State Attorney General, Letitia James, begged to disagree.

After having soaked me in Grant’s most recent amazing podcast with two people who’ve performed an amazing investigation into the Tether scandal-and after having read the Things That Make You Go Hmmm regular newsletter (“Schrodinger’s Coin”) on the same subject, Tether is a sham. Furthermore, I’m likely to further stretch my regular cracking limb by suggesting it could be that it is the US Department of Justice, or the SEC or both are near to distancing it once and all.

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