CryptoEverything You Need to Know About Moon Crypto Meme

Everything You Need to Know About Moon Crypto Meme

Moon Crypto Meme features Doge from the Dogecoin meme fame, soaring over the moon on his rocket! The stonks are rising, and the stocks are rising. This fun crypto design with Shiba Inu is one of the most popular catchy cryptocurrency phrases that is used by Wallstreetbets. “Rotaryship to The Moon,” Doge Meme am a fan of the stock meme”$doge doge” coin. We love the stock since there aren’t highs or lows just doge quotes. The future of cryptocurrency. 100 100% spun-polyester fabric Double-sided Print Made of 100% polyester and stitched closed. Individually cut and sewn by hand. Spot clean/dry and dry only.

What exactly is Moon Crypto Meme:

Again, Elon Musk’s Twitter post sent the Dogecoin flying to the moon, as the currency of memes soared 17.7% on the day, erasing losses from the previous seven sessions.

Musk has taken to Twitter to announce that he’s cooperating in partnership with Doge developers to enhance the system’s transaction efficiency. “Working with Doge developers to increase the efficiency of system transactions. It could be a great opportunity,” he said. Dogecoin was trading nearly 17.16 per cent higher at $0.52 According to information from CoinDesk.

It was not clear the extent to which Musk was talking about Dogecoin’s energy efficiency — a problem that led Tesla to stop accepting payments made in Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been declining since then.

Bitcoin is on track to have its lowest week since Friday. As of when this article was written Bitcoin was at $48,983. which is nearly 4 per cent lower within the last 24 hours.

Musk’s tweets are known to send markets soaring or falling, especially when they are related to cryptocurrency.

When Musk announced Tesla accepting bitcoin-based payments and bitcoin, the currency surpassed the $60,000 mark. After he retracted the announcement, bitcoin fell nearly 17 per cent on Wednesday.

The coin has since recovered from its fall on Thursday and was trading above the $50,000 mark but its slide began again following another shock.

The reports of a regulatory inquiry into cryptocurrency exchange Binance led Bitcoin to a new high on Friday. Due to the pressure that was added, Bitcoin lost 4 per cent and is trading below its psychological support level of $50,000.

Blockchain data company Glassnode on Monday claimed that there is evidence suggesting that a part of bitcoin’s capital is shifting towards dogecoin and ethereum.

Over the last seven days, Bitcoin has dropped 12.11 per cent, as per the data of CoinMarketCap, Ether has gained around 11 per cent over the same time (though the coin was traded green on Friday). As of the moment at the time of writing, the cryptocurrency was trading down by nearly 5 per cent, at $3,798.

Ethereum has seen an increase in value this year, driven primarily by the growth of Defi -platforms that allow crypto-based lending that isn’t traditional banking.

Dogecoin has also suffered a smack from Elon Musk after he referred to the cryptocurrency as a “hustle”. The price of the coin fell 10 per cent after Musk’s tweet.

The Moon Meme:

The price of dogecoin shot up to close to 70 cents on Wednesday morning, as eager trader online continues to pile on the cryptocurrency that’s a joke which makes it the fourth-highest valued cryptocurrency and making the long-term goal of $1 per token in reach before dogecoin’s champion Elon Musk’s upcoming performance during Saturday Night Live this weekend.

As of this writing this article, Dogecoin was trading at $0.67 an ounce, which is down from the record high of $0.69 this morning.

The cost per token increased 37% from the same day and has increased 147% in the last week. The market cap of Dogecoin is currently at $86.7 billion which is an increase from the $69 billion it was yesterday. At the up-to-date price dogecoin’s worth is greater than food and infusion giants Mondelez, FedEx and British American Tobacco.

Trading application Robinhood crashed on Tuesday after an increase in dogecoin activity triggered massive levels of activity. This prompted a furious outcry from angry users, given it’s the two times this has occurred.

Tesla President Elon Musk, who has been a long-time lover of dogecoin, will be the host for Saturday Night Live this week. The billionaire has created the interest in doge on social media, promising to include the meme in his appearance. Some of the most dramatic growth in dogecoin has come when the coin was mentioned on Twitter by Elon Musk in his Twitter messages, which were usually followed by memes.

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk, who has been a long-time admirer of dogecoins, is the host of Saturday Night Live this week. The billionaire has created interest in dogs via social media and has promised to include the meme in his appearance. The most significant growth in dogecoin has come following the token’s mention on Twitter by Elon Musk via Twitter messages, which were frequently complete with memes.

Bottom Line:

Dogecoin is a meme-based humorous bitcoin competitor that has risen over 20,000% during the past 12 months It’s still rising.The price of dogecoin is up 130% over the last week, bringing it to the highs of 69 cents in anticipation of Tesla billionaire, and dogecoin aficionado Elon Musk’s scheduled SNL appearance on SNL. The bitcoin price is up just 500% since May 2020 and has been trading in a more or less erratic manner since February midway (even as other cryptos make new ground).

As trading platforms eToro along with cryptocurrency exchange Gemini offer support for dogecoin and bitcoin, crypto experts have published an analysis that concludes the cryptocurrency is backed by “remarkably robust fundamentals”–and cautioned that dogecoin “should not be overlooked.”

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