BusinessWays You Can Change The Personal Income Tax Of Your Retirement Pension

Ways You Can Change The Personal Income Tax Of Your Retirement Pension

Pensions are one more of the income for which the citizen has to pay taxes in the Personal Income Tax (IRPF), since it is considered part of the income from work, as well as the salaries received by the workers in their working life.

Therefore, in the same way that happens with those workers interested in modifying their personal income tax and go to their human resources department, pensioners (those on retirement are the most numerous) can request their payer, Social Security, to modify the Personal income tax that is applied to your pension. Of course, with a particularity: you can only request increases in said personal income tax .

The body makes available to citizens the service ‘ Increase or end of application of the voluntary rate for the purposes of personal income tax withholdings ‘ by which you can request ( at this link ) the increase in personal income tax or put an end to said increase after having asked for it.

Without the need for a digital certificate (you can get it in four simple steps ) or Cl @ ve PIN , through this link the citizen can start the process. First, you must fill out a form (you can get it here ) requesting an increase in personal income tax that must contain the personal data and the new type of withholding you want, as well as the application period: if it is for the following year or for the current (only in cases where the voluntary rate has already started in a previous period).

When the form is filled out, you must download it to your computer in order to send the request. This request will include the form that was previously completed and the rest of the documentation that may be required. You must include your personal data again and an email in which you can receive a proof of the operation.

In addition, the system asks the citizen to identify himself. The way to do it is through a ‘selfie’, a method that is already used for other procedures such as requesting pensions . The Social Security explains that the photo must be taken “from the front, from the shoulders up and showing the front face of your DNI / NIE”.

In parallel, the applicant must attach, together with that ‘selfie’, two photographs on both sides of the DNI or the NIE. With everything completed, you can submit the application.

As it is enabled to increase personal income tax, this method is not valid for people who are interested in reducing their pension income tax. In those cases, the best option for citizens is to request an appointment in advance at their nearest Social Security office.

The agency allows you to make an appointment by calling 91 541 25 30 and 901 10 65 70 for 24-hour service, as well as on its website ( at this link ), at its Electronic Office and through the ‘Your Social Security’ platform.

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