BusinessCofares recognizes the work of tutors of the Faculties of Pharmacy

Cofares recognizes the work of tutors of the Faculties of Pharmacy

“Pharmaceuticals is, above all, a profession of collaboration towards the patient, of course, but also between us. Despite the wide range in which our work develops, there is a common denominator: the passion to dedicate ourselves to the care of the people’s health “. This has been assured by Eduardo Pastor, president of Cofares, in the third edition of the ‘Act of recognition to pharmacists Tutors of Tutored Practices’ that has been held today at the CEU San Pablo University, after previous editions were that of Alcalá de Henares and the Complutense de Madrid the host centers.

This event, in which the ‘Outstanding Tutor’ and ‘Excellent Erasmus’ awards have been presented to the pharmacy schools of the Community of Madrid, aims to publicly recognize the perseverance and effort that characterizes the work carried out by the tutors, as well as their involvement in training new pharmacists who continue to practice their profession.

It should be noted that, organized by Cofares, it is the only event in which the six public and private universities of the Community of Madrid that have a Faculty of Pharmacy meet: CEU San Pablo, Francisco de Vitoria, Complutense de Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, Rey Juan Carlos and Alfonso X El Sabio.

A key moment for the profession
Pastor has affirmed that the challenges that the new generations of pharmacists face are the largest in the history of the profession. Given this, he has encouraged students not to fall into the error that any time in the past was better. And it is that, as the president of Cofares has emphasized, “never before have we started from a public recognition as high as the one we have achieved after our commendable work in the pandemic, nor had we had so many tools and solutions to still be closer to the patient. “

In this sense, it has shown that at the present time, marked by overinformation on health issues, it is when patients need the advice of the pharmacist to a greater degree. All this without forgetting that, never like now, the health, well-being and care of people had been placed as the highest priority both for the population and for the interests of a country as a whole.

“Who was going to tell us in those supposedly better times that they would be talking about the possibility of vaccinating in pharmacies or carrying out screening tests. We have and will have more competencies, which are no more than those demanded by the patients themselves. They are the ones who place the greatest trust in our profession when it comes to caring for their health, “he said.

As for the importance of the pharmaceutical professional, Pastor is clear about it. “Now we are more essential than ever. I encourage the new generations of pharmacists and your tutors to perpetuate this relevance without fear,” he concluded.

The event also had the participation of Rosa Visiero Claverol, rector of the CEU San Pablo University; Beatriz De Pascual-Teresa, dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of this same university; and Luis González, president of the Official College of Pharmacists of Madrid, among others.

Recognition in other autonomous communities
Given the importance of valuing the work carried out by the internship tutors, Cofares is going to extend this recognition to the rest of the universities in Spain.

Thus, the celebration throughout the month of December of different events in Castilla y León is already planned, with the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Salamanca as host; Castilla-La Mancha, at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Albacete; and in the Autonomous Community of Navarra, whose act will take place at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Navarra.

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