BusinessBlack Friday 2021, Companies That Lowered Their Prices The Most In 2020

Black Friday 2021, Companies That Lowered Their Prices The Most In 2020

Just 15 days after Black Friday officially opens in all large establishments, with hundreds of offers in almost all sections but very focused on electronics and online commerce , some businesses have already begun to anticipate with certain campaigns. For this reason, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has warned of the annual monitoring of prices , in order to prevent companies from raising their amounts in the previous days and then announcing a false Black Friday offer.

“Do the prices go down on Black Friday? Not always.” Under this title, the OCU has presented its latest report to keep the most anxious customers alerted who, on November 26, launch themselves into the massive purchases that it boosts on the last Friday of November.

A tradition more than extended in large stores and with which it is intended to offer consumers items at a reduced price on the eve of the start of the Christmas campaign . But it is in this widespread consumerism where many times companies take advantage of to raise the price the days before the arrival of Black Friday and lower them on the indicated date, but not below the price they had before the rise.

Only 18.8% of the products lowered their price during Black Friday 2020
Conduct reported by the OCU and that up to 27.5% of the products appreciated it during 2020. This is highlighted in the study that is carried out every year the 30 days prior to Black Friday and that last year left a rise 2.6% global prices (in 2017 they rose 3.4% and only in 2015 and 2018 they fell with 1.99% and 1%, respectively).

And it is that in 2020 only 18.8% of the 28,000 items monitored during Black Friday appreciated a reduction on their costs. A condition that indicates that this day of offers around the world is not as compensatory for the consumer’s pocket as a conventional sales campaign can be and shows that you have to be very careful with what you buy.

Only three companies reduced more than 50% of their products
For this reason, among the establishments that best took care of the customer on the past Black Friday, the OCU highlights up to seven large stores. Led by Milar and Tien 21 , the products in these chains were lowered in 87% and 86% of the cases, respectively. Of course, with an average discount of only 6% on the price, Navarrete online was the third company in the ranking with 75% of its items on sale.

Worten and Fnac, among the surfaces that put the fewest items on sale on Black Friday 2020
Two of the great protagonists of Black Friday each year, Amazon and El Corte Inglés , could not miss here , who discounted up to 31% and 25% their articles. Mi Electro (28%) and Electroprecio (25%) were the other two large establishments that made the most effort to respect their customers’ pockets on November 27, 2020.

In contrast , Worten (51%), Fnac (52%), Miró (66%) and Web Appliances (73%) were the four companies that had more than half of their products on Black Friday with a price higher than that reflected during the previous 30 days. A sample, especially with the presence of the first two, that for this Black Friday of 2021 it will be necessary to take special care and monitor all costs so as not to fall into the trap of consumerism that these dates promote.

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