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The Extraordinary Road Investment Plan Will Mean The Improvement Of 30% Of Aragon Network

José Luis Soro, the Minister of the Territory Vertebration, Mobility and Housing, has participated in the 11th edition of the Investructuras Congress held in Madrid, where he explained the Extraordinary Investment Plan in Roads of the Aragonese Autonomous Network 2020-2025, project pioneer that seeks to accelerate investment in roads by creating 11 action itineraries that represent 30 percent of roads

Soro recalled that in Aragon there is a very marked investment “deficit” that has caused the regional network to be in “very bad condition”. “We cannot undertake a comprehensive improvement charged to the annual regional budgets, so we have sought this formula in which the successful bidders make the investment between 2023 and 2025 and are in charge of maintaining the roads for 25 years.”

At present, progress is being made in the works prior to the bidding of the works concession contracts, contracts that involve the drafting of the project, construction, financing and operation of each of the Plan’s itineraries.

The estimated value of each contract is between 28 and 62 million euros. In total, the planned investment is 540 million “which will also serve to reactivate the economy, for the balanced development of all the regions, to increase road safety and reinforce territorial cohesion,” Soro has added.

He also stressed that “it is a novel process and we believed it was very interesting to be able to make it known in one of the most important forums in the infrastructure sector, we believe that it is an exportable model that can be implemented in other Autonomous Communities”.

Technical conditions
The counselor’s presentation explains the technical conditions for the bidding of contracts and the execution of the Plan. Soro has highlighted that in addition to acting on the most important roads, their subsequent conservation is guaranteed.

He has pointed out that the forecasts of the General Plan of Roads of Aragon estimated that to adapt the Aragonese Autonomous Network some 175 million euros per year are needed, about 100 million more than the budget available by the General Directorate of Roads for the year 2021.

In his speech he stressed that “given the impossibility of meeting the current needs of the road network with budgetary resources, this alternative has been proposed that involves financing and private management, with the aim of being able to act comprehensively on the network autonomic in a short period of time “.

It is a concession of public works that guarantees “investment capacity in a few years to act throughout the network without creating an indebtedness in the budget of the Government of Aragon and freeing up funds to act in the other 70 percent of the regional network that now It is very abandoned, “he specified.

In this sense, he recalled the need for a budget to be allocated to the conservation of the road network, a basic action to maintain road safety but also a more efficient way to use resources, a constant ordinary conservation avoids that in the In the future, more expensive investments will have to be made to deal with badly damaged roads.

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