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4 Cost-Cutting Benefits to a Car Extended Warranty

Car warranties are fantastic when something goes wrong with your car. They won’t cover you for a lemon with constant issues, but they will cover you if your transmission fails or the engine blows up. However, there are other benefits to buying an extended warranty for your car that you might not know about. An extended warranty is not just about covering the manufacturer’s standard warranty but providing coverage for additional time and mileage on your car. Car repair can be costly, so anything you can do to save money will be great for your wallet and peace of mind. Here are four cost-cutting benefits of getting an extended car warranty.

  1. Save Money on Repairs Not covered in a warranty

Just because something is not covered in the standard car warranty does not mean it is not worth fixing. A transmission repair, for example, can run upwards of £400 for some cars. It is not worth paying that much to fix the same thing that happens once every few months or year.

You can save a lot of money by getting an extended warranty covering things like transmission repairs and problems with brakes, engines and other parts of your car.

  1. You Enjoy Personalized Coverage

An extended warranty offers personalized coverage for your vehicle. This means you get personalized support from the service providers when you call to schedule repairs or check on your car’s maintenance requirements. You will also be able to choose the service provider most suitable for your needs.

There are different levels of services (depending on the vehicle and location), including roadside assistance and maintenance schedules to keep the car in peak performance. For instance, if you own a Cadillac, your best option will be getting a Cadillac extended warranty.

  1. Helps You Avoid Late Payments

Since extended warranties are offered by car repair companies, they can help you avoid the risk of costly late payments and late fees. Your car doesn’t go away because it breaks down, and there is always a chance that a repair could go wrong.

If you have an extended warranty on your car, you must check if it covers vehicle breakdowns before claiming your insurance policy.

  1. Protected Under Your Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

If you get comprehensive car insurance, you are also covered under your insurance policy that covers repairs on your vehicle. With this coverage, you could pay as much as £500 for car repair and not have any protection if something goes wrong with your vehicle or if it gets stolen.

However, if you have an extended warranty that protects your car from theft or accidents (such as collision coverage), you won’t be charged any amounts to repair the damage done to the vehicle.


When you buy a car, it’s usually a significant investment. However, that doesn’t mean that the cost of the vehicle itself is the only cost you need to consider when purchasing one. Car ownership comes with various other expenses that can add up and make owning a car an expensive proposition. These expenses include fuel, maintenance, repairs, and insurance. With an extended warranty, you get to avoid all this.

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