AutomotiveThese 3 Mistakes Will Cost You More Money To Drive Your Car

These 3 Mistakes Will Cost You More Money To Drive Your Car

Driving a car is getting expensive these days. It seems the cost of everything from gas to insurance is costing a lot more every year. It’s no surprise, then, that the cost of owning a car is second only to the cost of owning a house for many families. When it comes to saving money, people assume that there isn’t much you can do about the expenses of owning a car.

The reality is that there are a lot of things that you are probably doing that are costing you more money for your car ownership expenses. What is already expensive enough is not even more costly. To reduce the cost of owning a car you have to stop making certain mistakes. In this article, we will go over several of the mistakes you are making that cost you more money for your car.

1 – Not getting the extended warranty

Many people wrongly assume that an extended warranty isn’t going to help them save money. They are looking to save money and don’t want to add another expense is another line of reasoning to not get the extended warranty.

The reality is that an extended warranty is going to save you money with costly repairs that would ordinarily cost you money out of your pocket. When you buy a car you are usually offered the chance to buy an extended warranty offered by the car manufacturer. For instance, you can get an Audi extended warranty that will give you a few more years of protection if that’s what you end up buying.

When you don’t extend the warranty, then around the time the original expires is when repairs start happening. This is because there are routine repairs that usually need to be done at a certain milestone. The milestones that happen usually fall outside the range of the original warranty.

2 – Not watching fuel consumption

Hypermiling is a new version of an old concept. The idea is that you can be proactive in how much fuel your car consumes. By taking on some new habits you can reduce the cost of gas which is getting more expensive by the month.

The first part of the concept is to make sure that your tires are at the right pressure. Tires that are underinflated will end up costing you more on gas since there is more friction from more rubber contact with the road.

You should also plan your route out better to always take the shortest way possible to get where you’re going.

3 – Neglecting maintenance

When you are not taking care of the little things now then they become big things later on. You need to pay attention to the maintenance of your car so that you don’t end up with major repairs.

The problem is that parts start to wear down over time and need to be replaced before they cause damage. Things like oil changes need to be done on time so your engine can run at its peak.

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